April 15, 2014

How To Protect Your Marijuana Plants From Verticillium Wilt

April 15, 2014
wilting marijuana plants

Verticillium wilt is caused by fungi present in rich or poorly drained soils. They are attracted to woody plants with stressed roots. Keep an eye on your plants. If you notice the lower leaves turning yellow on the outer margins and between veins, you may be witnessing the beginning stages of Verticillium wilt. The damage will continue on to wilting after the leaves turn gray-brown in color. The stem will turn brown near the soil line.

The effects of Verticillium wilt resembles that of Fusarium wilt. Once the roots have been infected, the xylem vessels become clogged, inhibiting water and nutrients from being absorbed by the stems and leaves.

In order to prevent Verticillium wilt, either grow hydroponically or amend your soil with properly aged compost. This tip is repeatedly coming forth, is it not? Then pay attention; it is vital you amend your planting site with sterilized compost. Compost is Mother Nature’s gift to the ecology of our earth. Ensure your plant beds are well drained as excess moisture lends itself to the growth of Verticillium in the root system. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about marijuana pests.

In the case of Verticillium wilt, prevention is the best method of control because there isn’t yet a proven method of control or cure. Recommended forms of prevention are crop rotation and deep plowing of the planting site at the outset, followed by adding compost which has been sterilized by the sun, before incorporating into the garden.

A verticillium wilt outbreak should be dealt with immediately. Any infected plant material, growing media and any other suspected contaminated material should ne carefully removed from the garden. Verticillium wilt spores can remain viable in soil for many years and infected fields are generally considered to no longer be suitable growing sites. To help fight mold and disease on your marijuana plants, check out the products at this link here.

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