December 7, 2016

This New Product Grows Marijuana in Your Home for You

December 7, 2016

This new product may turn home growing your marijuana on its head! Meet Seedo, the first fully automatic at-home hydroponic growing system for marijuana.

I’ll admit, the commercial below has me absolutely riveted with how this machine functions. This may be because unlike most of my friends, I seem to lack the green thumb needed to grow these beautiful plants. Seedo seems to be the perfect solutions for those seeking medicinal cannabis, but without the know-how or equipment to grow it properly.

Controlled by an app on your phone, the device adjusts the lighting and any other care needs of your plant. This is all until it dings to let you know your marijuana is ready!

But the best part: the device has a camera installed so you can check in on your plant whenever you want, wherever you want on your phone! From minerals and CO2 systems to a smart post-harvest drying system, this device is fully equipped to grow your plant from seed to harvest.

Marijuana isn’t all it can handle though. Seedo is ready to take on most veggies and herbs normally grown in your home. Talk about a device with many uses!

Seedo isn’t on the market yet, but you subscribe for early bird specials on their website.

Check out the video above and tell us what you think!


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