August 11, 2015

Old School Marijuana Growers VS New School Growers – LED Grow Lights

August 11, 2015
heliospectra led marijuan grow light

heliospectra led marijuan grow lightIf there is one thing that I know about growing marijuana, it’s that there is always a better way to do it. Another thing that I can say for sure is that there is an endless supply of people who are certain that they know exactly what that better way to do it is. The truth is, I don’t claim to be the best grower on the planet. I know many, many people that can run circles around me with their knowledge of growing cannabis. I definitely recognize that, and I think that being a humble grower that is willing to set biases aside and learn about what works and what doesn’t from people is vital to maturing as a cannabis grower.

A lot of growers get tunnel vision. They have been doing it the same way for years, or they are studying under someone that has. They are not open to recommendations, and try to boo-hoo anything and everything that other people are doing in their gardens. It’s a reality that I have come to accept. Reading any grower article on any cannabis blog or forum, and you will see very quickly that there could be five growers in a room and there would be 12 different opinions being hurled around that same room.

I know people out there that grow with LED lights. More and more people I know, especially growers with big indoor gardens, are incorporating LED lights into their gardens, or are going LED altogether. They are fully aware that the yield from LED is not always the same as it is with HPS or MH lamps. But there is more to a profitable garden than just yield alone. You must also consider the inputs, in addition to the output. If you are growing with one light or two, then it may or may not be as important to you.

But when you are operating an industrial sized garden, you need to either incorporate LED grow lights into your garden, or you need to plan on paying inflated and ever growing power bills indefinitely into the future. And the only way you can expect to get your power bills to level out is when the power company eventually limits the amount of power you can consume, which believe me, is going to happen whether growers like it or not. America’s power grid is old, and the demands on that power grid continue to grow all the time and that is not sustainable. LED lights are the future, and if you are growing for profit, and you crunch the numbers, you will see the objective advantages of LED lights proven by math alone.

Below is an infographic from a company whose lights my good friend uses. The results are impressive, especially when you know the numbers behind the harvest. Not all LED grow lights are created equal. Do your homework, and make sure to start first with Heliospectra LED grow lights. Their lights are engineered specifically for growing purposes, and aren’t cheap LED lights like the ones that are flooding the market these days, and provide little benefit to your hungry garden:

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