November 9, 2017

Please Help! Need advice on grow

November 9, 2017
A description of my grow. I just started it a while ago and I really appreciate any advice I can get.

Hi everyone,
Just finished the veg stage with these plants. started the transition week today and then starting flowering next week. I was just wondering how my plants look, if y’all have any general tips, and why this one plant in particular (The 3rd plant from the left) has some lighter green leaves on it. The other plants are a healthy dark green as you can see and I’m wondering what would make the leaves turn more light green like that. From everything I’ve read it looks like a mg deficiency, but I think it could also be the ph being off. I’m going to test the ph tonight and then I’ll get back to you, but it should be between 5.8-6.4. I’m also going to put up a netting to support the plants through the flowering stage. This is my first time I’ve used nutrients and I’m takin it pretty easy with them . Do y’all have any tips? Thank you so much I hope you’re well.

~ Legov ~


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