May 29, 2012

Pro Grower Reveals Hi-Yield Marijuana Technique That Uses No Equipment

May 29, 2012

drying marijuanaWhat Is Marijuana ‘Super Cropping’?

May 29, 2012, San Francisco, Ca –, a website about growing marijuana indoors, publishes article which reveals a simple hi-yield marijuana growing tactic called “Super Cropping.”.

First released in their private newsletter with the name “Super Cropping, High-Stress Training, and Marijuana Yields,” the paper was then published publicly on the website with the title, “Super Cropping Marijuana: Simple Secret to Bigger Yields.”

The paper includes instructions and picture tutorials showing how to apply the technique to marijuana plants with no equipment required except human fingers and optionally duct tape.

According to the article, this technique increases yields and may even increase the potency of the buds produced.

The author of the article, Nebula Haze, stated, “Supercropping, as simple as it seems, can dramatically increase your marijuana yields for practically zero dollars out of your pocket because it works with a special stress response that happens in marijuana plants. And, when applied correctly, you can also trick your plants into growing in a more favorable way for space-limited indoor growing. I decided I needed to publish a paper on this topic for the growing community because it’s so simple to learn but a lot of growers just don’t know about super cropping.”

Since April 20, 2012, has published a new paper about a marijuana growing topic each week through their private “Grow Weed Newsletter,” which is aimed at teaching growers tips, tricks, and tactics regarding how to grow medical marijuana at home.

In response to why she first got started with publishing these revealing exposes on growing techniques, Nebula said, “I personally have been able to completely overcome crippling anxiety through the use of growing and using special high-CBD (anxiety-reducing) marijuana with my doctor’s recommendation. I want to reach out to other medical marijuana patients in as many ways as possible, since I know there are so many hurting people out there who can legally grow marijuana, but they just don’t know how to start. These patients end up wasting thousands of dollars getting the medicine they need! After the incredible positive effects medical marijuana has had in my own life, I’m dedicated to doing my part to help people cultivate their own cannabis and thus gain cheaper, safer, and easier access to medicine.” has recently attracted thousands of new readers to their website and newsletter by offering a free Marijuana Plant Doctor service to growers. This services allows real-life pot farmers to submit pictures and information about a sick marijuana plant and get their plant diagnosed by professional growers in California..

Nebula Haze, one of the regular writers for the newsletter, has also been actively building a community with other growers via social media.

For example, Nebula’s twitter account (@growweedeasy) has gained over a thousand followers in just the last month by sharing growing tactics and marijuana-friendly insights.

“The only bouquet I ever want to receive, for any occasion, is dried marijuana flowers” said Nebula Haze on her twitter account, a sentence that was re-tweeted by several other marijuana enthusiasts.

Source: Web Wire


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