January 22, 2018

Ten 10 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

January 22, 2018
Learn everything you need to know to grow top shelf cannabis at home.

Learning a new skill and tending to your special plants is an incredibly rewarding endeavor. Every bit of time and effort you put into your plants is paid back in spades when you harvest a beautiful natural and chemical free batch of buds. If you’ve thought about growing before and never pulled the trigger on the idea, then this list of 10 reasons why you should grow cannabis will get you started!

  1. The number one reason why people start to grow their own cannabis is saving money. You can start growing cannabis for a relatively low cost and each grow you complete makes your initial investment in equipment and supplies go down. The difference in cost between growing your own cannabis and buying it is substantial. Your average cannabis plant will produce 1 ounce of dried, cured smokable bud. Generally, people grow 2 to 4 plants in a small grow and can start and finish a grow 3 times yearly. That’s more bud than you can smoke in a year.
  2. If you buy your cannabis in the street or even at a dispensary you are stuck smoking what ever option is available to you. While
    it is true dispensaries carry more strain options than ever before they are still generally limited to under 10 unique strains of cannabis. This is not the best way to medicate and enjoy cannabis. The right way to smoke or eat cannabis
    is to find the perfect strain for your medical issues. How are you going to find that perfect strain with limited access? If you do find the strain how are you going to secure a regular supply of it?
  3. Do you know where and how your cannabis that you are ingesting into your body came from and was grown? Most growers take a lot of pride in providing a top shelf product, but some growers are in it just for the money. The guys in it just for the profits are going to be cutting corners where ever they can to lower costs and increase their profits. This likely
    means the use of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers to speed up growth and to protect the plants from pests. Everything that is put into the plant comes out of the plant when you ingest the plant. If you grow the cannabis you know exactly what went into the plant.
  4. Growing cannabis is extremely fun and there are so many strains, growing methods and technologies to experiment with. Just
    think about it, if you love cannabis why wouldn’t you want to find ways to make it better and stronger? I love trying out new grow options and testing new lights all the time. I get a kick out of seeing the results.
  5. To understand cannabis and to grow a true appreciation of these plants requires experience raising your own plants. There
    is a bond and respect for cannabis plants when you are their lord and master and control their fate.
  6. It’s 2018 and growing cannabis as never been easier then it is now. With hearty easy to grow strains readily available and
    new lighting and growing technology coming onto the market every day it is easier to grow now. That mixed with access to the internet for in depth growing lessons available for free you just can’t go wrong.
  7. Growing cannabis can be a lot of fun and might inspire you to start growing other plants, maybe it brings out your inner green thumb.
  8. If you grow your own cannabis, you’ll never run out. As a grower I always have cannabis kicking around from one grow or
    another. Since I started growing I’ve never been dry a day.
  9. Cannabis legalization or decriminalization is coming to your city or town soon if it hasn’t already happened yet. Just
    remember the first rule of weed club. “Don’t talk about weed club”. Even if it’s legal where you are someone could try to jack you for your stash.
  10. When you process cannabis buds and trim them down you are left with a load of plant mater that contains THC and CBD. You can use this left-over cannabis to make Bubble Hash or even better Cannabutter to cook with.

Start planning your first grow today and within 4 months you’ll be rolling in the weed. The first step in a long journey starts with one step. I would recommend making that first step the collection of knowledge. After you’ve collected knowledge you’ll be able to make a fool proof plant to get your grow going.

By Bud Durden – Theweedblog.com/ budsgrowguide.com


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