March 2, 2014

The Three Types Of Marijuana Plants

March 2, 2014
female marijuana plant

female marijuana plantMale, female and hermaphrodite marijuana plants

When choosing what types of marijuana plants to grow, it’s important to know what each plant can do for you. You will usually be sold seeds that come in two distinct categories: male and female. Depending on the type of crop you need, you might want higher quantities of one over the other.

There are benefits to each type that can help you choose what you want to do with your marijuana crop. Whatever combination of seeds you purchase, it’s important to understand that growing them takes a lot of patience. Whether male or female, your plants have the chance to be useful when all is said and done.

For the most part, personal-use growers are going to want females marijuana plants only. While female seeds generally produce the most potent leaves and buds, the male plants can also be valuable for more advanced growers. This is because you need the male plants if you want to continue growing from that crop and produce your own seeds. The male plant will pollinate female plant when the time is right and then you will be rewarded with even more seeds that are essentially free. You can then use these seeds to start on your next crop as you enjoy the fruits of your current harvest. Then, all you have to do is repeat the process to continue getting high-quality marijuana year after year. Want to know more about growing marijuana? Get a free guide about growing marijuana at this link here.

Most growers might just opt for feminized marijuana seeds. That’s largely because female seeds will produce female plants that are highly potent. They become even more potent when they don’t have to focus their energy on reproduction. More THC will be produced and the buds from these plants are going to be top-of-the-line. Of course, growing only female seeds is important to avoid any accidental fertilization. Female plants that have been fertilized decrease in potency, although they are still quite useful.

There is almost no circumstance under which a buyer might purchase only male seeds. Male plants are less potent and are often only used in the process of fertilization. There is a potential that you might receive hermaphroditic plants. This describes plants that have both male and female parts and can actually fertilize themselves. While this might seem like an interesting horticultural experiment, it doesn’t necessarily make for good buds. With hermaphroditic seeds, you’ll wind up growing hermaphroditic plants every time. These plants do not maintain the same potency of female plants.

When it comes down to it, personal-use growers are always going to want  female plants only. If you need the marijuana for medication, this is also the best route to take. If you want to produce your own marijuana seeds you might want to grow some males as well but it’s much more difficult.   Feminized seeds are the best option when it comes to picking out marijuana seeds.

If you want start growing please download my free grow guide and order some quality marijuana seeds at this link here. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. All customers get 24/7 grow support.

Source: ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com



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