September 2, 2012

What Do Marijuana Plants Want To Eat?

September 2, 2012
BC Grow Room

BC Grow RoomWhat Does My Marijuana Plant Want To Eat?

By Berry Bluntman

Nutrients are the chemical building blocks to create healthy structures and boost the end results by leaps and bounds. During the vegetative phase, the nutrient that cannabis craves most is nitrogen. This amazing macronutrient is a big factor in determining just how robust your plants will be, beefing up their leaf and stem size to support massive buds. The better growth stage fertilizers will have all the nitrogen your plants are likely to need; however, nitrogen isn’t the kind of element that lasts long, so it’s again imperative that you follow the printed instructions on the package.

During the flowering phase, your plants requirements migrate from nitrogen to phosphorus and potassium. Yet still require some nitrogen, however nowhere near as much. Now once the switch has been made over in your light cycle to flowering, make sure to change your nutrients to a Bloom staged fertilizer. This is also a good time to add any microbe rich supplemental boosters that you might have on hand for an increased flower yield, enhanced aroma and a strengthened immune system protecting against pests and disease.

If you are growing in an indoor hydroponics system, there are a few things that one should know in order to give you the best tasting Bud. Approximately 4 to 7 days before harvesting, it is critical that you flush out all of the built-up nutrients in your plants system. In order to accomplish this task is important to start with fresh clean water that has been pH tested and balanced. This is a particularly critical step — that it’s skipped by many commercial growers. They are more anxious to get their product to market with an exaggerated weight, rather than delivering a healthy product that tastes wonderful.

While there is always a critical need for good nutrients during the growth and flowering cycle of your plants, the overall taste and effect of your medication will suffer greatly when it comes time to sit back, relax and enjoy the flavor of your hard work should you choose not to flush your plants and remove the leftover nutrients that are no longer necessary.

As a means of increasing density, in the last two days of the flowering cycle, it is important to cut off the water to all of your ladies. By taking these extra steps you will increase the potency, flavor and density of these horny and thirsty ladies, thereby increasing their plant sugar and sticky trichomes resin.

Source: Marijuana.Com



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