February 26, 2014

What Is The Best Marijuana Strain To Grow Outdoors?

February 26, 2014
michigan marijuana garden federal Edward Schmieding

outdoor marijuana gardenIn this article I will clue you in to all the facts about different marijuana types including how some strains are suitable for certain climates and how you should go about selecting seeds. March is an ideal time to start germination the seeds inside so that they’ll be strong when you transplant them outside in April or May when the temperatures are more favorable. If you live closer to the equator, it will be warmer sooner and you can transplant your plants earlier.

Virtually every strain is a cross-breed between an Indica and a Sativa for the best of both highs. Climate effects what kind of strain you’d like to grow. For instance, in colder climates, you might choose a strain with a faster growing time so that your plants won’t be outside when it starts to freeze. This chapter will teach you everything you need to know about how climates effect the suitability of a strain. Want to know more about growing marijuana? Get a free guide about growing marijuana at this link here.

In addition to all the strains, there are also different seed types. Regular seeds will make a mixture of male and female plants. Feminized seeds will produce exclusively female plants. Autoflowering seeds are not reliant upon the hours of light to start flowering (i.e. they will flower automatically regardless of the light cycle). It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages inherent in all of these options. You’ll find all that information in this chapter.

Cannabis is one of the few annual plants that has two sexes. There are both male and female varieties of cannabis, and, in some cases, hermaphroditic (plants with both male and female reproductive organs) can occur. Marijuana comes in three major species:


Tend to be short and wide, have greener colors, and have rounder leaves with patterns that look like marble. The high is heavy and centered on the body.


Tend to be taller, thinner, and have pointier leaves without patterns. The high is energetic and centered on the brain.


Less commonly known. Plants tend to be small and are used in clothing, rope manufacturing but also for their breeding potential to produce autoflowering marijuana plants.

All of these marijuana types exhibit their own unique properties in practice. Potency is largely determined by the plant’s THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration. This substance is basically what gives marijuana its soothing, brain-altering, and medicinal properties.  Growers tend to focus specifically on Indica, sativa, or hybrids of the two when cultivating marijuana. Ruderalis is not grown with any regularity because of its low THC content. For the most part, the plants of most importance are the females because they contain the highest concentration of THC. I have a special offer for everybody who download my grow guide. Make sure you don’t miss out on 50% discount on outdoor marijuana seeds. Get a free guide about growing marijuana at this link here.

Female plants that do not get pollinated generally have a higher THC concentration. More flowers, buds, and THC resin will be produced by an unpollinated female plant, ensuring that the smoke will be potent after harvest. Marijuana also contains a whole host of other natural chemicals (referred to as cannabinoids) that can influence your high. These chemicals can manipulate your cognitive and physical processes and create uniquely altered states of mind and body. If grown under perfect conditions, then the female plants will be more inclined to produce higher quality THC. But, everything starts off with finding the right seeds.

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