October 26, 2020

Which Method of Consuming THC is Best?

October 26, 2020
When consuming THC, you should know the best tincture dosage, THC dosage, and edible dosage for you.

Ways to Consume Weed

Just as there are countless strains of cannabis, there are many ways of consuming THC and marijuana enjoyably. Find below a breakdown of each way of doing so to help you determine which methods may work best for your intentions and your preferences. This is a general outline of some of the most common methods available, and if you’re looking to find other ways to consume weed this is the perfect article for you! So strap up and get ready for this adventure!

Different Ways to Consume Marijuana Include…


Smoking the dried flower from the cannabis plant in a pipe, bong, or joint is probably the most common method of consuming THC. The chemical reaction that occurs upon inhalation happens very quickly and delivers the cannabinoids to your system with extreme efficiency. This kind of high kicks in within seconds of inhalation. The effects of smoking dried flower this way will generally have you peak, at most, within thirty minutes and diminish anywhere from 1-3 hours.

A big pro to using raw cannabis flower is that it gives users the most control of the strain, source, and cannabinoid content compared to any other method. This is very beneficial because you can smoke until you feel pleasantly lifted and can quit easily if you start getting paranoid. 

One thing to note about flower, is the same strain may have varying potencies depending on the cultivator and his/her methods. This goes for the source and cannabinoid content as well. The smoke generated from burning papers and lighter fluid chemicals contain carcinogenic compounds. Users with compromised immune systems or lung problems should consider other methods of consuming cannabis.


This is a smokeless, more efficient form of inhalation. Vaporizers heat cannabis plant matter (or its oil) to a temperature that forces trichomes away from the plant into the vapors. This also sets in within seconds of inhalation.

These effects will generally have you peak before thirty minutes and diminish within a couple of hours.

A major pro to vaping is that portable vaporizers are more discreet than smoking as there is minimal odor, which dissipates quickly.  Larger, stationary vaporizers that burn the cannabis oil material can be one of the cleanest, healthiest ways to consume cannabis.

Unfortunately, some users find that vaporization has weaker effects than other forms of cannabis. Using cartridges and oils from reputable companies is incredibly important as there is a risk of chemical solvents and low quality materials during this transitional period as health and safety regulations are implemented. Care should also be taken when mixing cartridges and pens, as some companies specially formulate their products to work together and you don’t want to risk blowing up your face.


Cannabis in edible form has been another crazy popular method of consuming THC in the United States since the 1960s. The cannabinoids reach the cells by the way of the liver, which is the organ that converts THC into another, more potent chemical, 11-hydroxy-THC. This creates an extreme “high” that people often talk about. Edibles can come in many forms, including sodas, snacks, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and even mints.

The effects can kick in anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours depending on how high your metabolism is and whether or not the consumer ingested them while on an empty stomach (which accelerates absorption). This kind of “high” will roughly last around 4-6 hours, though unusually high doses can result in effects lasting over 24 hours. This generally happens on a user’s first experience as they have nothing to compare it to and few expectations.

The advantageous component of this method is the effects last longer than other forms of cannabis use. Probably the best part of edibles is that they are the most discreet and convenient form of consumption. A diverse variety of options are also available, which can range from a nerd rope, to the classic brownies!

One con about edibles is that they are not ideal for users who need immediate relief, since the effects take longer to manifest. It is also impropertant to store these products correctly or they can be mistaken for non-infused products. Because of the delayed onset of edibles, some users ingest additional portions in order to achieve their desired effects which can lead to overconsumption and doses that can be overwhelming to users for substantially long periods of time. 


Cannabis-based tinctures were a standard American medicine in the late 1800 to the early 1900s. They are available in a variety of cannabinoid formulations and dosages. Tinctures are absorbed sublingually, so the cannabinoids go directly to the bloodstream. This way of consuming THC is very discreet, and it has almost no odor.

The onset of alcohol-based tinctures is faster than edibles, but not as rapid as that of inhalation methods. Full effects are generally  felt within 20 to 30 minutes. Frequent users may find that the effects last for a couple of hours, whereas infrequent cannabis users may feel the effects for several hours.  

Some formulas have concentrations of less available cannabinoids like THCV and CBN. These are great formulas because they may allow you to experience different effects than more common cannabinoids. 

The downside to this method of ingestion is that tinctures are commonly formulated with alcohol, which may not be desirable for some users. Another unfortunate thing is that light, heat and oxygen will degrade the THC content, so bottles must be opaque and tightly sealed.


Ayurvedic practitioners have used cannabis-enriched lotions, balms, salves and other preparations for thousands of years. This is one of the surefire ways to feel amazing. They’ve even gone as far as making a lube! The cannabinoids are absorbed into the skin for more focused therapeutic effects. This can create a euphoric feeling that you never want to go away.

These kick in within five minutes to two hours. Lasting upwards of 12 hours, this form of cannabis is extremely durable. If you are looking to really have a good time, get a friend and buy some THC infused topicals and massage away! This will be the best day of your life.

This form of cannabis is ideal for localized pain and inflammation, including arthritis, bone fractures, skin conditions, cramping, and migraines. This form generally has no psychoactive effects, so new users and those with a low THC tolerance can use them with confidence. Transdermal patches can provide hours of relief, while being very discreet.

Some products may contain parabens or artificial fragrances which can irritate sensitive skin and cause other health issues, so be cautious.

Full Spectrum Oil (aka RSO Oil)

This is high potency THC oil nicknamed for cannabis advocate Rick Simpson, who became a vocal proponent of cannabis’ healing abilities after using a homemade oil to treat his own cancer. His formulation has been expanded upon by other patients and companies, with high THC and CBD variations available in many Collectives. Patients are often advised to start with an amount of oil roughly the size of half a grain of rice, and slowly increase their dose over a prolonged length of time, up to 1 gram per 24 hours.

The onset is anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, and the lasting duration can be anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. Use in the morning and have a great rest of your day!

Patient success stories, though largely anecdotal, abound online of people using a full spectrum oil to stop the growth of various skin cancers and tumors. While the anti-proliferative effects of CBD and THC have been documented in studies using animal models, to date there have been no scientific human studies proving the viability of full spectrum oils on specific forms of cancer. If you’d like to pursue this type of treatment, it’s best to do it under the supervision of a licensed integrative oncologist.


A relatively new form of THC consumption, ‘dabbing’ is for high tolerance users only. The term refers to heating a small amount of marijuana concentrate (called a ‘dab’) on the head of a titanium nail with a blowtorch, causing combustion. This can be an intense potency many first-time users might not be able to handle. 

Don’t let the small amount of cannabis product fool you either. This highly potent form of cannabis (also called wax, honey oil, budder, butane honey oil or BHO, and shatter) can contain up to 80% of that sweet THC. The effects are considerably more physically and psychologically intense than using other forms and can be on par with a strong dose of edibles. Dabs are not something to mess around with.

Immediately after inhalation you will feel its effects, which will last slightly longer than other inhalation methods.

For seriously ill patients, dabbing can be an efficient way to get high concentrations of cannabinoids into their systems and experience immediate relief. Users also love the heightened flavors and tastes that dabbing brings to the table. 

The concentrated smoke from dabbing can release carcinogens at temperatures above 365°. Because of the high THC content, dabbing regularly will quickly raise a user’s tolerance so that other forms of ingestion are no longer felt. The fast uptake of a high level of THC can result in anxiety, nausea, and even passing out. Consume carefully.

Healthiest Ways to Consume Cannabis

When considering which way of consuming cannabis is healthiest include which methods are the least harmful to your cannabinoid system and body personally, as well as which methods are generally the least harmful to anyone with a body. In simpler terms, look for ways to reduce harm to the body through controlled, personalized dosing as well as being aware of what the average body can handle. 

Shorter onset time and duration of effects when smoking or vaping might be “healthier” as far as one being able to control the dose more effectively. In other words, you won’t be stuck in an “uncomfortable high” for hours, which can be possible with edibles. Of the two, vaping flower or concentrates may be the healthier way to go as the absence of flame and combustion of plant matter reduces carcinogens and tar build-up in the respiratory system. 

If you feel it may be healthier for you personally to avoid either smoking or vaping, perhaps a sublingual tincture would be the way to go. With tinctures, the cannabinoids slip into the bloodstream through the mouth’s mucosal tissue, circumventing the respiratory system as well as the liver. Tincture doses are easily calculated when using the labeling on the package as well as on the dropper. Tinctures also have a shorter onset and effect duration period than edibles, which makes finding your ideal dose less of an ordeal. 

Topicals can be a mentally healthy alternative to medicating the body more so than the mind. If you consider it healthier for you personally to not feel high, then topicals free of fragrance or parabens may be the healthiest way to medicate.

Finally, edibles can serve as a powerful and long-lasting method of consuming cannabis. Edibles made in cannabis manufacturing facilities can be precisely dosed, ensuring a consistent experience once you find your ideal edible dose. Keep in mind that finding your ideal edible dosage may take some trial and error. If you are searching for ways to avoid damaging the respiratory system and don’t want to gamble on topicals that might not interact well with more sensitive skin, edibles could be a healthier alternative!

Now you’ve learned about the primary ways to consume cannabis!  Here at The Weed Blog, we wish you the best on your journey of exploration and wonder. Comment below about which method of consuming cannabis is right for you!

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