April 4, 2011

America Hemp Start Up Program 2011

April 4, 2011
George Washington hemp

George Washington hempThe American Hemp Start Up Program 2011

Written by Christopher J. Boucher

Hemp is considered the most strategic super crop ever grown for food,
fiber and clothing; AHSUP outlines the key components and logistics
for the revival of an Industrial hemp industry in the USA. This
outline is a blueprint for the establishment of a viable American Hemp
Industry that creates new jobs in a new green industry in the USA.

The Hemp Factory Start Up Plan:

1. Congress should immediately institute and fund a USA hemp program
for American farmers through the USDA and the Commodity Credit
Corporation (CCC). Remember that agriculture is essential to a strong
economy. And hemp, needs to be recognized as one of the most
sustainable and economically viable crops which can create core jobs
from the farm to the factory.


The US Government must take an active part in promoting and financing
loans for industrial Hemp through the USDA and other affiliate
agriculture programs including The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC),
a Government-owned and operated entity that was created to stabilize,
support, and protect farm income and farm commodity pricing, to
maintain balanced and adequate supplies of agricultural commodities,
and to aid in their orderly distribution.

In this capacity, the CCC, or other government entity, could regulate
the development, construction and operation of industrial facilities
to process hemp seeds for food, protein, and animal feed. Hemp fiber
mills which can used in the automotive (Currently Ford Motors uses
Canadian hemp fiber in automotive door panels), plastics,
construction, and clothing industries.

In order to facilitate a large-scale domestic production of hemp seed
and fiber, US farmers must also compete with mainly Chinese and
Canadian hemp farmers who supply 95% of the imported hemp products
into the USA.

According to the Natural Foods Industry Association, hemp seeds and
hemp products are the fastest growing new food category for 2009-2010.
They are considered a super food for protein and essential fatty acid
(EFA) intake. (Hemp oil has the highest ration of EFAís of any dietary
oil available on the market today).

The American Hemp Start Up Program (AHSUP) promotes the potential
production of the following acreage needed to establish a viable USA

50,000 acres of seeds to grow for production for food and health
cosmetics industries. One seed mill can process approx. 5,000 acres of

15,000 acres of fiber for the textile, automotive, paper and plastics

One fiber mill can process approx 10000 acres to (approx 40,000 tons
of raw hemp to operate a mill in 1 year.

According to our program 30-50 hemp processing mills would generate
up to 8,000 jobs from farm to industry.

The Hemp seeds you would need to start this program would be approx.
270,000-300,000 pounds of viable industrial hemp seed.

The different kinds of harvesting equipment used and
processing plants in Canada and China have been analyzed critically.
The most desired features of seed and fiber processing plants are
incorporated into AHSUP plan. Initially the core immediate plan is to
set up in a pilot mills in several States to be revised as necessary.

Clear observations have also been made into soil conditions in hemp
growing USA locations and on methods of seeding, harvesting retting
and seed handling legalities. Materials and publications made for use
in educating and training farmers, producers as well as plant

USA Farmers potential contracts to perform massive growing program:

California.- 25,830 acres, N Dakota.- 5,000 acres, Vermont- 4500
acres, New Mexico- 5000 acres, Maine- 5000 acres, Wisconsin- 3,679
acres,Kentucky- 5937 acres. These states have hemp legislation and are
a estimation based on state farmers support.

American Hemp Start Up Program (AHSUP) could be used as an
negotiating agency to help acquire and distribute hemp seed and hemp
fiber contracts. Help find farmers and USA companies to build and
acquire production facilities.

We have experienced hemp farmers and engineers to advise and
facilitate the success of this historical new eco-economy while
creating new jobs and enhancing the American family farmer.

Presidential Executive Order 12919; (USA must have a hemp seed supply)


(Part IX GENERAL PROVISIONS sec. 901 page 8 under food resources) was
signed in 1994 by former President Clinton. It is a protocol that
mandates FEMA has an ample supply of seeds in the US, including the
hemp seed, to insure the national food supply against natural or other
disasters. Unless hemp loses its identity as an agricultural commodity
or agricultural product.

Best Regards,Chris Boucher
Importer of Industrial Hemp Products
“2 tons of hemp per acre eliminates 1 ton of carbon in our atmosphere”


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