February 2, 2015

DEA Allows Hemp Seeds To Be Imported To Hawaii

February 2, 2015
industrial hemp farming bill obama

industrial hemp farming bill obamaHemp once grew all over the United States. That of course was before the war on marijuana ramped up, and hemp was prohibited by the federal government. Slowly but surely, hemp is making a comeback in the United States. Last week the DEA approved the State of Hawaii to import hemp seeds from Australia. Per The Joint Blog:

The University of Hawaii has received a permit from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to import hemp seeds from Australia, to be used as part of the state’s Industrial Hemp Research Project.

“This project is just the first step in establishing Hawaii as a leader in the growth and production of industrial hemp and its products,” says Representative Cynthia Thielen.

Farmers need a solid, sustainable crop like hemp, both in Hawaii and throughout the country. There are parts of Hawaii that are in desperate need of jobs, and I’m hopeful that a hemp industry fills those voids. I’m also hopeful that the DEA allows hemp seeds to be imported to other states, so that a once vibrant industry can thrive again.


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