Free Industrial Hemp Education Event In Missouri


I came across the following event in Joplin, Missouri. If you are in the area, you should attend:

Industrial hemp

Joplin, MO - The Ridge International Cannabis (Manitoba, Canada) & Crane Home Energy Consulting (Joplin, MO) invites you to a free Industrial Hemp Education Event at The Hive 506 S. Main St. Joplin MO 64801, Friday December 28, 2012 at 6:30-8PM.

Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, P.Ag is originally from Joplin, MO and graduated from Missouri Southern State University. She is an Instructor at Oregon State University, President of the Hemp Industries Association and Partner in Hemp Technologies. She will present information on the current status of industrial hemp in the USA and Globally, preview hemp movie trailers, agronomics and insights into: Canadian & International Hemp Cannabis Industry, Hemp Fibre & Seed Agronomy, Hemp Field Trials & Crop THC Sampling, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Certifications and Licensing, Client to Client Connections, Hemp Building Applications, Project Analysis, Bodycare, Hemp Foods....

Industrial Hemp, a non-psychoactive variety of Cannabis that is legal to import but may not be grown in the United States despite a dozen states seeking permission to do so. The Hemp Industries Association estimates that U.S. retail sales of hemp products were approximately $452 million in 2011. (