March 19, 2015

Missouri Hemp Bill Advances To The House Floor

March 19, 2015
industrial hemp farming bill obama

industrial hemp farming bill obamaBy John Payne

The Missouri General Assembly has just recessed for their spring break until March 30. However, before they left, the House Select Committee on Commerce advanced H.B. 830 to legalize the production of industrial hemp to the House floor with a do-pass recommendation!

Once again, only one representative voted against the bill, and six voted in favor, which is a margin that gives us some confidence about the bill’s odds on the floor. We don’t know for certain when the bill will be given time for debate and a vote on the House floor, and that decision rests largely with House Majority Leader Todd Richardson (R – Poplar Bluff).

What I can say for certain is that the legislature is more likely to take up a bill that they know their constituents care about, so please take a moment now to email your state representative and urge them to vote YES on HB 830 when it comes up for a vote in the House!

Then, help us continue to inform, organize, and persuade legislators and the general public about the benefits of cannabis law reform by making a $10 or $25 contribution today!

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