November 16, 2012

Oregon State University To Host A Hemp Seminar November 20th

November 16, 2012
industrial hemp cultivation

anndrea hermann oregon state universityHemp Expert Anndrea Hermann Is A New Instructor At OSU – WSE 266 Industrial Hemp

Abstract: Industrial hemp has been an important food crop and source of a wide variety of industrial and consumer products for millennia. A brief introduction to industrial hemp will be followed by a discussion of the current global status of industrial hemp with a view to potential future developments. This content will be related to the development of the new course: WSE 266 Industrial Hemp.

Bio: Anndrea Hermann is the new instructor for WSE 266 Industrial Hemp. She graduated from Missouri Southern State University, Joplin MO in 2002 with a B.Gs in Hemp Ecolonomics. In August of 2008 she completed a Masters of Science in hemp fibre agronomy at the University of Manitoba, Manitoba Canada. Anndrea is the President of the Hemp Industries Association, USA and is the Owner of The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting.

With over 15 years experience in the Canadian, USA & International Hemp industry, she has a wide range of interdisciplinary skills: Hemp Fibre and See Agronomy And Breeding, Hemp Field Trials and Crop THC Sampling, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Certifications and Licensing, Hemp Building Applications, Project Analysis, Bodycare, Fashion, Food and so much more…

anndrea hermann oregon state university hemp presentation seminar



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