July 9, 2012

Research: Hemp Oil As A Stabilizer For Pumpkin Seed Butter

July 9, 2012
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Incorporating Hemp Butters Into Your Diet Is A Healthy Choice

By Anndrea Hermann

I love hemp butters. They can be made with hulled or shelled hemp seed, whole hemp toasted or raw, hulls, shells, or hemp seed oil in addition to other butter ingredients. More on where to buy and how to make hemp based butters below!

Featured Research Paper

Last year, the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance invited Olga F. Rado?aja of OLTRAD Corp. Ontario, Canada to present her Ph.D. work: OPTIMIZATION OF THE TEXTURE OF FAT-BASED SPREAD CONTAINING HULL-LESS PUMPKIN (Cucurbita pepo L.) SEED PRESS-CAKE. The study used response surface methodology to examine the effects on texture by adding various percentages of cold-pressed hemp oil and a commercial stabilizer to pumpkin seed cake. Seed cake is the product remaining once the oil has be pressed from the seed. Texture profiling analysis equipment was use to determine hardness, cohesiveness and adhesiveness.

By interpreting the results of the texture profiling, Olga concluded that “the optimum combination of variables with 1-1.2% of added stabilizer and 20-40% of added hemp oil (in the oil phase) produced desirable spreads.” The complete paper was peer reviewed and published in Acta periodica technologica 2011 Issue 42, Pages: 131-143, Faculty of Technology- Novi Sad, Serbia.

My Hempcents

It was great meeting Olga at the CHTA’s annual convention, and in sharing her passion for butters (mine especially for hemp), we sampled her researched blends. It just goes to show that no matter what your passion is, you can put a hemp flare on it and even get your Ph.D! Olga is the first person I know to study the effect of hemp seed oil in this application at an academic level. Pretty cool, I must say.

Wonder where you can buy hemp nut/seed butters or how to make it? Here are a few of my favourite brands (in no particular order):

Now want to make hemp butter/spreads at home? Nutiva provides some great pointers for blending hulled hemp nut and hemp seed oil in a vita mixer. You don’t even need a vita mixer – I use my food processor, just add hulled hemp to hemp seed oil and blend. The percentage of hulled to oil depends upon personal taste and the processor. Once complete, you can spread it, make a Thai Hempnut sauce, put it in cookies, on crackers, with jam, apples, bananas, eat it alone or get creative. Brad at Hippie Butter suggests 10 different ways to use Hippie Hemp Seed Butter.

I better take a hemp butter break! Till next time, happy hemp eating.




Anndrea Hermann is from Joplin, Missouri and graduated from Missouri Southern State University in 2002 with a B.GS in Ecolonomics focusing on hemp. She acquired an internship with a coop of hemp farmers in the summer of 2001 and in late 2003, Anndrea was selected as a Manitoban Provincial Nominee under the Unique Skilled Worker Program (Hemp Technician) in which, she became a Canadian landed immigrate and permanent resident in 2004. In August of 2008 she completed a Masters of Science in hemp fibre agronomy at the University of Manitoba. She has authored articles, book chapters and industry reviews. To date, Anndrea is in the process of starting her own company. With 15 years experience in the Canadian & International Hemp Cannabis industry, she has a wide range of interdisciplinary skills: Hemp Fibre & Seed Agronomy, Hemp Field Trials & Crop THC Sampling, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Certifications and Licensing, Client to Client Connections, Hemp Building Applications, Project Analysis, Bodycare, Fashion, Food and so much more….

Published with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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