November 23, 2015

Support Hemp Blue Jeans And Clothing Company On Kickstarter

November 23, 2015
hemp blue jeans denim clothing kickstarter

hemp blue jeans denim clothing kickstarterHemp has to be one of, if not the, most versatile plant on earth. It was used for so many things prior to getting caught in the crossfire of marijuana prohibition. Hemp can be used for fuel, food, paper, and clothing to name just a handful of things. Americans purchase hundreds of millions of dollars worth of hemp products annually. All of the hemp that goes into those products has to be grown in other countries and imported to America.

Hemp is perfectly safe. One study I heard about found that a person would have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone poll in order to get high from hemp. That of course is not physically possible. So why is hemp banned? There is an exciting effort going on right now on Kickstarter, where a company is trying to start a hemp clothing line ‘that fits your body, your lifestyle, and your beliefs.’ The company is called Hemp Blue. Below is more about their company, via Kickstarter, which is where you can financially support the effort. As of this writing, 300 people have pledged $21,050 of the total $25,000 goal:

Jeans are not just a pair of pants, and hemp is not just another plant.

We all know that a great pair of jeans does a hell of a lot more than keep your legs covered.

A great pair of jeans blends comfort, fashion, good looks, and style with a dash of sex appeal.

Jeans are a staple.

Like a great bottle of wine, jeans only get better as they age. Every tear, fade, and stretch add to their character.

Similarly, hemp is not just another fibrous plant.

Used by mankind for centuries, this miracle of nature can be used to clean up oil spills, build energy efficient homes, create sustainable plastics, and its seeds are undoubtedly one of the worlds most promising super foods.

When woven into fabric, the magic continues.

Hemp fabric is strong, breathable, absorbent, and has amazing anti-microbial properties.

Can you imagine combining the power of jeans and hemp!?

That’s what Hemp Blue is all about.

Our goal is to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable designer denim brand made entirely out of agricultural hemp.

What’s the catch?

Growing hemp in the United States is illegal in most states. While we consumer more hemp products than any country on Earth, American farmers are not allowed to grow the hemp we need to make our jeans!

Due to shady back-room deals, closed in a smoke filled Manhattan suite between robber-barons of the early twentieth century, agricultural hemp is classified as a schedule 1 drug.

Just like heroin, LSD, or ecstasy.

What a sham.

Although a member of the cannabis family, hemp is not weed. You could smoke hemp all day long and never get high.

The untold truth is that a few billionaires decided they needed to protect their interests in the paper and logging industries, and agricultural hemp was their biggest competitor. And their victim.

By supporting our campaign, you will be taking a stand to right this ridiculous injustice.

Almost a hundred years ago, a greedy cartel of unscrupulous tycoons pulled the wool over our country’s eyes.

Today we can take back our freedom.

By sliding your legs into a pair of awesome Hemp Blue jeans, you’ll be doing more than just looking great.


What are the benefits of growing hemp?

Hemp can, and will, play an important role in building a more sustainable future for our kids and grandkids.

  • The cultivation of hemp requires no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and ads nitrates back into the soil! Did you know that 50% of all the harsh chemicals used today are used in growing cotton?
  • Hemp uses 1/3 less water when being grown and half as much when being processed.
  • One acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 2 – 4 aces of trees, and has a growing cycle of only a few months, instead of a few years.
  • Hemp extracts up to 4 times the amount of carbon dioxide than trees.
  • Agricultural hemp can be used as:
  • An extremely efficient insulation material for energy efficient buildings.
  • A sustainable source of super foods, high in protein and essential fatty acids.
  • A sustainable source for creating paper products.
  • Natural infection-resistant linens for hospitals and bandages for trauma patients.
  • Non chemically processed hygiene products. (This alone could save hundreds of lives per year.)
  • Naturally infection-resistant linens for hospitals and bandages for trauma patients. Some European hospitals already use hemp bedding to reduce the spread of infections.
  • Industrial absorbents for cleaning up oil spills without harming the surrounding ecosphere.
  • Nutritional supplements and medical benefits from CBD oils.
  • Over 20,000 other incredible products!


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