March 15, 2016

Washington Governor Vetoes Hemp Legalization Bill

March 15, 2016
industrial hemp farming bill obama

industrial hemp farming bill obamaHemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. More and more states are reforming their hemp laws to either allow full cultivation, or at least cultivation for research purposes. Right now the United States has to import hemp products from other countries, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Those dollars should be going to American farmers, many of which have expressed a strong desire to grow hemp.

A hemp research legalization bill was passed overwhelmingly by the Washington House and Senate, but the bill was vetoed by Washington’s Governor, and for a very dumb reason. Per The Joint Blog:

In a perfect example of how to improperly run a state, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has vetoed 27 bills – over 70% of all legislation passed by the state’s legislature this session – to punish lawmakers for something unrelated; not passing a budget bill.

One of the measures vetoed by Inslee – Senate Bill 6206 – would have legalized the cultivation of hemp for research purposes, including directing Washington State University to study the plant. The measure was passed unanimously in the House of Representatives, and 48 to 1 in the Senate. Although the governor calls it a “worthy bill”, he vetoed it and says he can’t support it until “a budget agreement is reached”.

I’m hopeful that since the bill passed unanimously in the House, and almost unanimously in the Senate, that the Washington Legislature will step up and re-pass this bill once Washington’s Governor quits being such a grump. I get that the Governor is not happy, but he needs to realize that he shouldn’t bite off the nose to spite the face.


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