May 10, 2021

How Cannabis Companies Use Social Media Platforms Like TikTok To Promote Their Brands

May 10, 2021
Woman using an iphone—cannabis companies are able to use TikTok and other platforms to market their weed products.

More and more cannabis companies are using platforms like Clubhouse, TikTok, and Instagram to show off products and promote their brand.

Optimizing Cannabis Marketing Through Social Media  

With the internet’s vast and seemingly exponential growth, marijuana companies are starting to look into different promotional strategies to keep ahead of the curve. Despite varying restrictions on cannabis brands seeking to market marijuana products online, there are new and evolving avenues many businesses are pursuing to great success. For example, Clubhouse, a relatively new app in which a user needs a code to access, has been wildly popular for those active in the cannabis industry.

Clubhouse is exclusively audio, so you can sit in on discussions about medical or recreational marijuana in a wide array of chat rooms. Because it is audio-only, you can listen to this as you would a podcast: while on the run, at the gym, or if you just need some background noise while working. The most advantageous, though, is the potential for users to feed questions to moderators to possibly discuss in the chat. This initiates insightful conversations and provides a way to reach a larger audience while also giving a more intimate space for learning and networking.

Another way in which cannabis connoisseurs and marijuana enthusiasts are experimenting with digital marketing solutions is through TikTok. With this platform, users can optimize 15-second videos showing off products, facility interiors, or special promotions. Wake&Bakery in Chicago is an excellent example of a marijuana company using TikTok to show off their dank line of products. As marijuana becomes legal in an increasing number of states and less taboo with society at large, we should expect to see a more diverse and social media platforms using this to their advantage.

Marijuana on Social Media 

Marijuana on social media has always been a dicey subject. Facebook for the longest time has refused to run ads for cannabis companies altogether, often barring ancillary businesses as well. They also regularly shut down the pages of dispensaries and other cannabis operators and often block users’ abilities to search for other cannabis companies on the site. However, the past couple of years have seen Facebook begin easing some of its strict policies relating to cannabis companies, but it has yet to be seen if the media giant will allow dispensaries to run paid ads promoting marijuana products.

With these highly accessible platforms comes an agile and effective way to approach advertising a once highly-stigmatized substance. It is refreshing to find that many companies are receptive and willing to try a multitude of different approaches for engaging with digital audiences they might not have typically considered due to federal prohibition. With the continued use of these platforms and ads, both recreational and medical marijuana businesses will have a growing field of play for advertising, marketing, and education. It is almost certain that this trend will result in an even greater degree of de-stigmatization for the plant, its properties, and its consumers.

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