October 11, 2012

Live Coverage Of Marijuana Election Night

October 11, 2012
marijuana election 2012

2012 Marijuana Election Night Coverage

Please join us on The Russ Belville Show this Election Night 2012 – Tuesday, November 6th – for live coverage of the most important votes in marijuana law reform history.  Coverage begins at 4pm Pacific Time on http://radicalruss.com, https://theweedblog.com, http://mikecann.net, and through http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radicalruss on your browser, tablet, and smartphone.  We’ll run through 9pm Pacific (at least) as polls close across the time zones.

State VotePolls CloseSubjectReporter
Massachusetts Question 35:00pm PacificMedical MarijuanaMike Cann in Boston
Michigan (Four Cities)5:00pm PacificDecrim and Low PriorityTBA
Arkansas Issue 55:30pm PacificMedical MarijuanaTBA
Colorado Amendment 646:00pm PacificMarijuana LegalizationKarri Gallaugher in Denver
Montana Referendum 1247:00pm PacificRestore Medical MarijuanaHeather Morris in Helena
Oregon Measure 808:00pm PacificMarijuana LegalizationKaliko Castille in Portland
Washington Initiative 5028:00pm PacificMarijuana LegalizationRuss Belville in Seattle

Our internet stream will include live video reports from campaign headquarters in Seattle, Portland, and Denver, where voters in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado will be voting on statewide marijuana legalization.  We’ll also get reports from Little Rock and Boston, where voters in Arkansas and Massachusetts are deciding whether to enact medical marijuana laws.  Plus we’ll have reports from Helena, Montana, on the referendum to reject new medical marijuana restrictions, and from Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Ypsilanti, Michigan, where voters are deciding municipal initiatives to decriminalize marijuana or make it the lowest police law enforcement priority.

If you would like to be a sponsor of our live election night coverage, please email Russ Belville at russ@radicalruss.com with the subject “ELECTION NIGHT”.  In 2010, our live coverage from Oaksterdam for the Prop 19 legalization vote brought in a total of 50,000 live views and a peak of 5,000 as polls closed in California.  This year, with four time zones of poll closures and six statewide marijuana votes, viewership will skyrocket.  Your product, service, or message will be seen and heard by the most dedicated supporters of marijuana law reform, and they will be very loyal to the companies, organizations, and brands that support their mission of activism by sponsoring independent marijuana media.

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