MJ Freeway Announces Supporting Sponsorship Of Upcoming Deep Green Conference

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MJ Freeway Announces Supporting Sponsorship At Deep Green April 21 In Richmond, CA

MJ Freeway Software Solutions, in partnership with their distribution partner MJFreewaySales.com, will sponsor the Deep Green conference and festival on the medical marijuana industry, on Saturday, April 21 starting at 10 am. MJFreewaySales.com will sponsor a booth in the Craneway Pavilion Center in Richmond, California and Amy Poinsett, co-founder and CEO, MJ Freeway will speak on a panel entitled “Responsible Business Models for Medical Cannabis” at the conference.

Deep Green explores the Seven Dimensions of Cannabis - Cultural, Creative, Medical, Nutritional, Industrial, Political and Spiritual. Deep Green’s event aims to provide the latest medical research, industry standards, business practices, political dimensions, and factual, real world analysis of the medical marijuana movement. In addition, Deep Green takes a holistic perspective on cannabis and will include construction, fabrication, textiles, paper, bio fuel, and other commercial uses of hemp. 2011 was the Deep Green festival’s first year, with 85 exhibitors, 35 speakers and 2,000 attendees. This year, an expected 400 to 500 businesspeople in medical cannabis and related businesses will attend the conference sessions along with an additional 3,000 festival attendees.

Running parallel to the Festival on the main stage in the Craneway Pavilion Center in Richmond, California, the Deep Green Conference will provide in-depth panels and workshops from top experts and leaders. Topics will include:

  • State of the legalization initiatives
  • Latest medical science and clinical applications of medical cannabis
  • How to professionally manage a medical dispensary
  • Hemp industry trends and opportunities
  • Building with hemp and the hemp house movement
  • Organic gardening and high yield agriculture

Thanks to their distribution partner MJFreewaySales.com, MJ Freeway Software Solutions is proud to be a supporting sponsor of the event. MJFreewaySales.com will participate with a booth at the event and additional information on MJ Freeway Software Solutions at the conference in the Craneway Pavilion center. In addition, Amy Poinsett, co-founder and CEO, MJ Freeway, will participate in a panel entitled “Responsible Business Models for Medical Cannabis.” Responsible Business Models for Medical Cannabis is a discussion with industry leaders regarding best-practices, idiosyncrasies of the medical marijuana industry, and predictions about where the medical cannabis market is likely to go in the coming years.

“Last year’s event was a testament to the importance of the medical marijuana industry to the wellness of patients everywhere,” said Amy Poinsett, co-founder and CEO, MJ Freeway. “I look forward to speaking on a panel about how software can help to improve business practices in the medical marijuana industry for growers and dispensaries alike,” remarked Amy.

“We are pleased to sponsor MJ Freeway and host a booth at this important event that brings growers, dispensaries and other related businesses in the medical marijuana industry together,” said Steve Bederman, CEO, of the Corporation, owners of MJFreewaySales.com. “We believe that a hosted software solution like MJ Freeway does an important service to the industry by streamlining business practices and assisting with accounting, inventory, sales and compliance,” concluded Steve.

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