Find A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Or Collective In Oregon

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Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Collectives, And Delivery Services In Oregon

Oregon has long been one of the most medical marijuana friendly states in the nation. Oregon was the second state to pass a medical marijuana law in 1998 after California passed it's medical marijuana law in 1996. Finding a medical marijuana dispensary, collective, or delivery service in Oregon is not hard, as more and more are opening everyday. After the recent passage of Oregon House Bill 3460, which legalized medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, I don't expect that trend to stop anytime soon.

The Oregon medical marijuana program allows patients to declare a caregiver and a separate grower (should they desire). Oregon medical marijuana patients can possess up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana, and can grow up to 24 plants (6 mature, 18 immature). Those are some of the highest limits in the nation - the highest in the nation if you don't consider case law. However, those high limits are only advantageous to people that have the means to acquire or grow their own medical marijuana.

For many Oregon medical marijuana patients, growing their own marijuana or having someone else do it for them is difficult if not impossible. Purchasing medical marijuana off the street from a stranger is too scary for them, and they need a reliable way to get their medicine. That's why Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, and delivery services are so vital. For more information about advertising your dispensary, collective, or delivery service click here.