Find A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Or Delivery Service In Portland, Oregon

portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective delivery

Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Collectives, And Delivery Services In PDX

Portland, Oregon is one of the most marijuana friendly cities in America. The first time I heard of a medical marijuana dispensary in Portland was in 2009. Since then, medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, and delivery services have opened up all over the Portland area. Portland has some of the best medical marijuana on the planet, and for very affordable prices.

There are amazing dabs and concentrates all of PDX. There are also numerous medible companies out there, including catering services. More and more medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, clubs, and delivery services are opening up in Portland everyday. There's much more to Portland than hipsters and Voodoo Doughnuts, trust me.

Below is a list of medical marijuana dispensaries, delivery services, and collectives in the Portland area. For more information about advertising your dispensary, collective, or delivery service click here.