August 12, 2016

Smoke Like Cypress Hill With Hemper Box Curation

August 12, 2016
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Constantly running to the neighborhood market to pick up papers, lighters, and wraps has always been a plight of the stoner. However, as the cannabis lifestyle breaches into the mainstream, subscription services have risen up across the country to provide an easy, cost-efficient way to stay stocked up on smoking essentials.

These subscriptions offer a monthly package shipped discreetly to your door. The boxes include typical stoner items like snacks, papers, plastic grinders, hats with huge weed leafs on them, etc.

Among all these subscription companies, Hemper Box has begun to stake its claim in the marketplace as the “higher” standard.

Bryan Gerber, Co-Founder of Hemper Box, spoke about the difference his company provides to its users. “Usually, you see these boxes are filled with a bunch of stickers and brochures, and the items are low-quality, generic ‘stupid stoner’ stuff to fill up the box,” Gerber said. “Hemper is different because all our items are high-quality, limited edition, and they are things regular smokers actually need.”

Hemper Box prides itself on introducing smokers to new items they never even knew they needed. Gerber added, “We don’t touch off-brand items like every other box on the market does, only the finest for our subscriber base.” Not only are the items top-of-the-line, most of the items are limited edition, which cannot be picked up at your local headshop or gas station.

cypress hill

Hemper is not only offering their subscribers access to top-notch stoner stuff every month. Subscribers are also treated to monthly “curated” boxes that are designed by celebrities affiliated with the cannabis industry. Essentially letting everyone smoke like a different celebrity connoisseur every month!

Hemper Box started with popular YouTubers guest curating the boxes, with Customgrow420 in December being one of its most popular boxes.

Recently, Flosstradamus the Chicago based EDM duo added their unique flair to a Hemper Box. The August collaboration box is now available on the Hemper Box site, which is being curated by the legendary Cypress Hill for their 25th anniversary!

By giving subscribers exclusive items, premium brands, and celebrity curation, Hemper is quickly establishing itself as the best gift any serious cultured smoker can receive. Every month, subscribers are treated to $80+ of awesome for $29.99. For regular smokers and lovers of cannabis, I cannot recommend this service enough.

Now is the perfect time to join the movement, with Hemper Box running their 25 days of Cypress Hill this August. Every day from August 1st – 25th, a gift will be given to a selected winner every day from the top brands around the industry!

To take a look at the latest Hemper Box, visit their site at


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