The Weed Blog Would Love To See Your Denver Marijuana Business


Denver has always been one of my favorite places. With the exception of my home State of Oregon, the only place I would ever want to live would be Denver. The first time I ever went to Denver was for the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012. I was absolutely stunned by how awesome the marijuana scene was there. We have a lot of pride in our marijuana scene in Oregon, and I didn't think that any other place could measure up to my standards, but I'm happy to say, Denver is LEGIT.

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The quality of flower and concentrates in Denver is second to none, and reminded me a lot of what I enjoy back home. I have traveled to a lot of other cities and states, and despite a lot of bragging and hype, I always found the flower and concentrates to be second rate. That was not the case in Colorado, and specifically Denver. I got my hands on some Kosher Kush there that I still daydream about often.

There are so many marijuana businesses in Denver it makes my head spin. A member of the TWB team, Kaliko, is on his way to Denver right now with legendary activist and media personality Russ Belville. They are trying to find Denver marijuana businesses that want to meet up while they are there, and I figured I'd drop an article to see who would be interested. Between those two guys, they represent a lot of marijuana media outlets and have a lot of reach, so it would definitely benefit any business that had the time to show them what they do.

If you are a business owner in Denver, e-mail Kaliko at Kaliko@TheWeedBlog.Com and he'll try to get to where you are. Also, both guys will be at the Cannabis Cup, so if it's easier for them to swing by a booth at the event, that works too. I'm stuck at home this 4/20, and am living vicariously through them, and look forward to hearing about what they see!