Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Set To Release 'For Smokers Only'

bone thugs n harmony for smokers only cover

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Are Ready To Unleash A Fantastic Collection Titled "For Smokers Only" Via Robotic Empire

It's pretty rare that music fans get to be a part of the making of an album. That's exactly what's going on with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's latest project 'For Smokers Only'. As a long time Bone Thugs fan, I know I can't wait to get my hands on some of the memorabilia! More information is below:

Robotic Empire proudly announces: THE definitive BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY collection of hymns to Mother Nature's finest green gift on "For Smokers Only", a magnificent crop of tracks from across BONE THUGS and members impressive catalogs of recordings.

From the band that has sold over 30 million records worldwide, BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY have harvested enough kind tracks to assemble an incredible homage to their favorite medicinal herb... and Robotic Empire is both thrilled and amazed to present this to you today!

Renown globally as the originators of Thuggish Ruggish Bone Harmonization,BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY are true groundbreakers with their unique combination of heartfelt melody and street realism. A variety of vocal speeds and skills are mixed with infectious beats, resulting in unparalleled rap in both substance and style.

There have been none before or after that accurately compare to the exclusive quality and talent that is BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY, and to unleash this heady collection is truly a privilege we won't soon forget.

bone thugs n harmony for smokers only cover

(CD artwork, subject to change)

Mainly comprised of rare cuts previously stashed throughout BONE THUGS' and members' solo albums, some of the material featured here will be made available in the physical format for the very first time!

This "For Smokers Only" collection has never been available before on CD or LP, previously released earlier this year solely as a digital-download. The songs found here are 12 high quality nuggets representing BONE THUGS' fondness for imbibing in an age-old ritual that many of us also know and love. The full track list is as follows:

bone thugs n harmony for smokers only song list

We're doing this Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising enough funds to start manufacturing CDs plus both the standard edition vinyl-LP and deluxe DIE HARD edition LP of "For Smokers Only", plus hopefully cover some licensing and legal fees, and basically just work with one of the most amazing hip hop bands on the planet!

What we're offering via this Kickstarter campaign is a special opportunity to own BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY material on vinyl, as most of their albums that've been pressed on wax are now long out of print. In combination with the vinyl LP, a high-quality DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of "For Smokers Only" will be included with every LP ordered.


  • The CD will be packaged in a jewel case with full-color artwork.
  •  The standard vinyl LP will come on your choice of black or green vinyl packaged in a color jacket, and includes a high quality digital-download of the full album.
  •  The deluxe DIE HARD edition will come on limited "PURPLE HAZE" (purple-N-green) color vinyl housed in an oversized ziplock baggie, an exclusive "bud tribute" slipmat, a hand-numbered 11" x 17" screenprinted blacklight poster, stickers, 1.5" button, full album digital-download AND bonus additional download of the "Everyday Thugs" album!
  •  A special limited vinyl TEST PRESS edition, plus the truly massive "VIP MEGABONE" option...(see below)


Because this release is being manufactured and distributed in Europe, pledge prices have been calculated to include the "import shipping" costs for USA orderers. People in other countries: please see the "International Shipping" price section of the FAQ found below, as shipping for this release is a little different from how we normally do things.

*Again, please keep in mind that these prices already INCLUDE shipping within the USA*

$10 Pledge:
"For Smokers Only" CD

$17 Pledge:
"For Smokers Only" standard vinyl LP w/ digital download of album, on your choice of green or black vinyl

$25 Pledge:
"For Smokers Only" standard vinyl LP w/ digital download, plus "For Smokers Only" CD edition

$30 Pledge:
"For Smokers Only" standard vinyl LP w/ digital download, plus "For Smokers Only" CD edition AND high-quality digital download of the additional collection "Everyday Thugs"

$60 Pledge:
The "DIE HARD BONE" Package = "For Smokers Only" vinyl LP - deluxe DIE HARD edition on exclusive "PURPLE HAZE" purple-N-green color vinyl w/ digital download, printed slipmat, screenprinted poster, stickers, button + bonus high quality digital-download of additional collection "Everyday Thugs"

$100 Pledge:
The "BALLER BONE" Package = "For Smokers Only" vinyl LP - deluxe DIE HARD on your choice of green, black or "purple haze" color vinyl, the digital download, printed slipmat, screenprinted poster, stickers, button, plus the "For Smokers Only" CD edition, bonus high-quality "Everday Thugs" digital download AND a super limited vinyl TEST PRESS only available here!

$150 Pledge:
20 wholesale copies of the "For Smokers Only" CD, fully shrink-wrapped, bar coded and ready for retail

$200 Pledge:
20 wholesale copies of the "For Smokers Only" vinyl LP (standard edition), fully assembled, bar code stickered and ready for retail

$420 Pledge:
The "VIP MEGABONE" Package = Everything included in the $100 pledge (DIE HARD LP on your choice of vinyl color, bonus everything, downloads, CD edition, TEST PRESS, etc) but the kicker here is that your name or message (up to 50 characters) will be written into the matrix of EVERY COPY PRESSED OF THIS ALBUM! That's right, any text you want up to 50 characters will be etched into the actual vinyl near the center-label for EVERY SINGLE record of "For Smokers Only" that will exist!

**pledge an extra $10 for each additional copy of the "For Smokers Only" CD AND a bonus high-quality digital download of the "Everyday Thugs" collection!**

The artwork shown above may change some for the vinyl edition, depending, but should more or less be accurate for the CD edition (subject to change).

And last but not least, as some elements of this project are still unfolding, we are hoping to try out some "pledger-picked" interaction for this release. Basically, we have a few different layout options to explore as far as some of the artwork goes, and want to try having pledgers "vote" to help choose their favorite aesthetic elements. So essentially, the people helping fund this release would actually have a partial say in what it will look like in the end! This may apply to aspects of the layout, vinyl color options (there's a lotta shades of green....) but that will unfold only if we obtain our funding goal so please help spread the word if you wanna see this happen!

YEA-UH! That pretty much sums it up! This is easily one of the most exciting and wildest things Robotic Empire has attempted in our nearly 14-year history. We've talked about truly breaking out of our "comfort zone" genres for years, and what better way to do it than with a freakin BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY release?! Nobody (even us) was expecting this, so PLEASE help us make this thing a hit by spreading the word (it actually really helps a lot). As in the past, we'll gladly hook up some bonus (swag) schwag items if you share this project on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc... so in advance: please & thanks for helping us spread the word and make this happen. PEACE!


Click this link to make your pledge and get your Bone Thugs-N-Harmony gear, I know I will!