Garden State's Only Major Reggae Band Has New Album And Release Party


Since we get a ton of traffic from New Jersey, I figured I would help spread the word. "The opening track is called Ganja, which is dedicated in the liner notes to Marc Emery. Ganja talks about prohibition in the States, taking it all the way back to Harry Anslinger." Well Dave from Reverb Publicity, you had me at hello:

echo movement reggae

Asbury Park, NJ— The self-proclaimed "new reggae" band Echo Movement is releasing
an album Tuesday September 13, and planning a record release party the following week.
The new album, called Music Played On, is the band's first release since 2009. It features
songs from early works (c. 2005) performed with the band's current seven members.

The album boasts many unique features, including the first known use of binaural beats in
contemporary music. Binaural beats are two pure tone signals that induce a cognitive
process only perceivable with headphones, with the intended result of mood alteration.
According to brothers and band leaders Stephen and David Fowler, Music Played On is
based on Echo Movement's live show, packed with energy and open form.

On Friday September 23, Echo Movement celebrates the new release with a live
performance and release party at Maxwell's in Hoboken. The band leaves for a record
release tour of the U.S. on September 27.

Echo Movement returned in late August from a two-month tour of the U.S., including a
large festival in Canada. Echo Movement has toured both countries before as part of the
2009 and 2010 Vans Warped Tour, but this was their first full headlining tour. It was a
huge success.

Music Played On will be available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other digital retailers.

Tickets for the record release party are available at