June 30, 2015

Help Make The ‘Weed Pinball’ Game A Reality

June 30, 2015
weed pinball

weed pinballI own no less than three pinball machines. They are in my garage, along with my Volcano vaporizer and a huge jar of grinded up flower. I spend as much time out in my garage playing pinball and hitting the Volcano bag as life will allow. I have long talked about my idea to create a marijuana themed pinball game, albeit in a full cabinet version. Sounds like I no longer need to pursue that idea because some people are already in the process of making a weed pinball game. The game will be a mobile version at first it sounds like, then will be made for consoles. The makers of the game have a crowd funding effort underway to try to bring the game to the masses. If you want to see a weed pinball game become a reality, and want to help some people make their dream become a reality, donate to their campaign. Below is more information, via there Indiegogo page:

Weed Pinball will be published on several platforms. Firstly on Android and iOS mobile devices then later on Windows (Steam), Linux & Mac OS. Finally the game will be published on PS4, PS3 and Xbox One.

Weed Pinball is an action-arcade with ultra sharp and fluid 2D graphics, realistic physics and extraterrestrial music which wont leave you indifferent.

The game is created for all Pinball & Weed enthusiasts. The game will offer a Single-player with an intuitive game play story in which you fight to collect as many points as possible so you can grow more weed on your farm.

The game will also offer multiplayer to play against other junkies like yourself for different monthly and weekly prizes.

You will be surprised over and over again while playing Weed Pinball and you will laugh your head off while doing it!

Make sure to check out their Indiegogo page. It’s full of pictures that shows just how fantastic the game will be. It’s times like this I wish I wasn’t as broke as I am so I could donate! If you are like me, and don’t have money to donate, you can still help by spreading the word about their campaign.


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