November 21, 2012

Is Fox Coming Out With A Marijuana Legalization Sitcom?

November 21, 2012
the happy tree fox sitcom

the happy tree fox sitcomCan We Expect ‘The Happy Tree’ To Come Across Our Televisions Sooner Than Later?

I just saw the following message come across Drug Policy Alliance’s Twitter Feed:

“Fox sitcom about marijuana legalization in the works”

Naturally, my interest was peaked. I am hoping to see at least one accurate marijuana sitcom before I die. I know what people will say, ‘what about Weeds!?’ Weeds is an entertaining show, but is far from accurate. If people think that’s how the West Coast marijuana industry really is, I hate to break it to you, it’s not nearly that full of drama and sensationalism. It seems to me that all marijuana shows fall into two categories – a documentary that doesn’t have as much entertainment value as a comedy, or a comedy that has almost no basis in real marijuana culture and industry.

I would like to see a sitcom that does both. I have always had a secret career dream of being the ‘go to guy’ in Hollywood to make sure their marijuana movies looked real. I always pictured myself walking around the set flipping out on people, complaining to them that they are ‘not doing it right.’ Have you seen some of the plants on shows and movies that aren’t documentaries? Do people really think that’s what marijuana plants look like, or how gardens are set up? I guarantee no true marijuana consumer or grower was consulted on those shows, otherwise they would have demanded something that looked real!

According to Deadline.Com:

The Happy Tree, from former Entourage executive producers Rob Weiss, Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson, centers on a brilliant young corporate attorney who, after a nervous breakdown, quits his job and seeks a life of peace and serenity on Venice Beach only to find himself the unlikely voice for the marijuana “legalize it” movement.”

Well Venice Beach readers, this is your chance to have your marijuana culture thrust into homes across America. How do you think it will go? Will they represent you accurately? Are you afraid that Fox has no idea what it is doing, and maybe as a result, portrays things in a bad way? Do you not care and just want to get some entertainment? Let me know!


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