December 28, 2012

Meet The Incredible Georgiatoons

December 28, 2012

To me a marijuana activist is simply someone that says out loud “Marijuana shouldn’t be a crime.” someone that knows it deep down inside, such people do exist and some have wonderful talents they use to convey a pretty simple message in this twisted world. That cannabis is more medicine than poison like a grape is more fruit than wine.

I like to introduce you to an amazing artist and person Mrs. Georgia Peschel a.k.a Georgiatoons. If you’re involved in any form of awareness you have come across one of her cartoons, either it’s her personal story or the plain common sense she lays it all out.

She has crossed the line that I hope never to find out about as a parent and that is treating your child with cannabis. When I first became a “patient” in the state of Washington I always questioned the medical side but after seeing it benefit so many there is no denying it is medicine, not just medicine – natural medicine. As a human being natural is always best for your body, you don’t need a degree to figure that out.

Her and her husband went through the moral dilemma of giving their child natural medicine which really shouldn’t be as dilemma, no one complains about clean air. My words cannot express the depth of this moral decision but we contemplate all chances when it comes to our loved ones, we always want a better quality life for them. Check out her blog, there are more and more stories out there where cannabis improves the quality of a child’s life more than harms it and isn’t that the real question? We don’t treat our children with shots of tequila because we know alcohol is inevitably bad for our body unless used as a disinfectant but cannabis does cure.

Mrs. Toon says it best here “I do feel the truth can only be kept hidden for so long before all realize how we have been misled and lied to about cannabis. I don’t want you to trust me on that — I want you to EDUCATE yourself. Once you do look into it, it is hard to deny. Research from all around the world is coming in.  I am not a scholar or doctor, and my grammar sucks. I am a mother who loves her child with every breath I take. We did not ask to be on this path but we are and we will not lie or keep quiet. That would be a sin. I have no intentions of purposely pissing off the Big Guy! He placed the plant here.  God makes NO mistakes”

I’d like to thank Georgia for her contributions to the cause and for her family’s courage, its not easy being right when public view is wrong. Here’s a little dialogue I had with her;

TWB: I love all your different characters from Buddah to the talking dogs whom seem like family members and the Buddah as your personal moments of enlightenment. The tender moments you share with your husband, the ups and downs. Your talents are truly awesome.

You medicated your son, for what condition?

GT: You can read it all here. It was very difficult to write about and re-live as we still are going through it.

TWB: How old was he when you guys started?

GT: 14.

TWB: He’s grown now isn’t he?

GT: He is 20.

TWB: What’s your favorite way to medicate?

GT: Vaporize or Edible (Made by me so I know strength)

TWB: Favorite flavor/strain?

GT: Great White shark. Anything up-lifting.

TWB: Where can your works be found?

GT: My work are in several mags, websites and 2 hallmark cards.

I’d like to thank Georgia for her time. She’s a powerful force in the community. I will look forward to her new cartoons and cherish the ones already here. Prayers and best wishes to you and yours.


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