January 25, 2012

Same Checkpoint That Busted Snoop And Willie Nelson Claimed Another Celebrity Victim Last Year

January 25, 2012
Armie Hammer

Armie HammerBy Barry Blunt, kushsmoke.com

If Armie Hammer gets down with the green, I don’t know who the hell doesn’t. Before I get to the story, look at Armie—and first pretend his name isn’t Armie Hammer for a second. The guy looks like he just walked off the set of a Polo or J. Crew commercial and is about to take one of his yachts to a catalina wine mixer.

That said, the guy got royally screwed in the same town that Snoop Dogg (couple weeks back) and Willie Nelson were busted.

Arrest records show he had 0.02 ounces of marijuana, three medicinal marijuana cookies and one brownie when arrested Nov. 30 in Sierra Blanca, a few miles from the Mexican border.

Got to feel for Armie here. How the fuck does someone get arrested and have to post bail for having less than a gram and some edibles. A pure and utter mockery. Cops in this ass rag of a town near the Mexican border need another Dunkin Donuts built in the area or something.

As an aside, Armie is a hell of an actor. Dude actually played BOTH of the Winklevoss twins (the giant douchey rowers who Zuckerberg jobs) in The Social Network. And man I should ease off the Kush cause I legit thought they were two different actors that were identical twin brothers in real life.

And since he blazes, he’s alright by me and a member of Team Kush.

Edit: Apparently the arrest went down in November but this is making news today cause he wasn’t prosecuted…Just to clarify.

Article from Kushsmoke and republished with special permission


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