The Marijuana Show Season One Set To Light Up The Screen


The Marijuana Show, the first-ever reality show about Marijuana launches Season One on Tuesday, November 18th. The new "Shark Tank meets The Apprentice" Reality-Competition Show profiling a group of ganjapreneur hopefuls gives contestants the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, and then participate in a Boot Camp to develop a variety of cannabis technologies and products through mentorship and investment.

the marijuana show

"There were so many amazing products presented on The Marijuana Show's first season where over 200 people auditioned, 22 were called back, and only 10 made the finals. We know viewers will be hooked each week following these ganjapreneurs' trials and tribulations of turning their visions into reality," said show director Wendy Robbins. "The online platform of a web series allows for us to provide bite-sized installments as well as the traditional 22-minute weekly episode. Plus we shot with 5 pro cameras in HD in preparation for a network or cable offer.  We have an excellent crew and production and are ahead of schedule, we already have audition dates scheduled for Seasons Two and Three!"

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The web series will be released in partnership with several digital channels and content syndication partnerships including, The Marijuana Show's YouTube Channel, and a handful of Cannabis friendly online publishers estimated to reach an audience of millions. Each week, viewers can tune in to find out who made it through auditions, who survives Boot Camp, and who secures the deals. The Season One finale features a surprise ending that will astonish even the finalists.

The Marijuana Show will be looking for the next Marijuana Millionaire when the Production conducts auditions for Season Two at the Indo Expo Trade Show in Denver on November 15 and 16. Ranging from established and successful businesses to Ganjapreneurs who have a great business idea but lack the know-how and funding to turn their concept into a reality, potential contestants can apply to audition here.

Auditioners will have two minutes to present their ideas to a panel of judges. Wannabe Marijuana Millionaires should be able to present business plans and proof of licenses and permits, and they must be 21+ with valid ID. Season Two auditions will also be held in California, Oregon, Florida, Seattle and New York. Season Three will take The Marijuana Show auditions to Europe.

"The judges are particularly interested in seeing Ganjapreneurs with unique ideas in technology, apps, hemp, edibles and ancillary products; especially with solid business plans and financials," said co-producer Karen Paull.

The show is the brainchild of married couple, Karen J. Paull and Wendy Robbins, of Taos New Mexico. This dynamic-duo are the Creators and Producers of this timely reality show, which began production earlier this year. Wendy has two Emmy Awards for Documentary Film, starred in Kelly Ripa's Reality show, "Homemade Millionaire" and worked on Reality TV with MTV, Disney, ABC, CBS and most studios. Karen received the John. F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Acting, is a Digital Advertising Sales and Marketing Expert, who brought over 25 Million in Sponsorship and Advertising  revenue to her digital media clients over the past few years

Karen states "We are not just a show, we are also a movement to legalize Marijuana across the United States and the World. In fact, our first episode in Season One is called, 'The Politics of Pot' and includes a segment with Wyclef and Mike Dunafon." Check out a preview here:

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