The Winner Of The First Ever TWB Halloween Marijuana Pumpkin Carving Contest


Happy Halloween from The Weed Blog! Earlier this month I posted an article encouraging people to send us pictures of their marijuana themed Halloween pumpkin carvings. I received several e-mails with entries, and after looking them over with Jay Smoker, we have picked the one that we thought stood out the most. All of the entries were fantastic, especially the one where there was no carving done on the pumpkin, but the person was taking a monster dab hit surrounded by their Fall harvest. While it didn't win, it was still stellar. As a reminder, we are too poor to offer prizes, but if I run into the creator(s), I will make sure to smoke them out as hard as I can (it's the best this broke blogger can do!). Below is the picture that we liked the most (someone got an A in art class!), courtesy of by Fresh Connection (photo by Jen Hudyma):

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