September 2, 2015

Tommy Chong Is Launching A New YouTube Show Called ‘Almost Legal’

September 2, 2015
tommy chong hazel park joint

tommy chong hazel park jointI have been a fan of Tommy Chong’s since I was a little kid. My uncle was a very, very big Tommy Chong fan, and he would always play their Wedding Album and movies. Admittedly, it was maybe not suitable for a child of my age, but I ended up turning out OK. One of my prized possessions is a Tommy Chong bong, which getting it autographed is the number one thing on my bucket list and will stay there until the goal is achieved.

Tommy Chong is currently battling cancer, but that’s not stopping him from being a world class entertainer. Tommy Chong is launching a new show on YouTube called ‘Almost Legal.’ Per Page Six:

Cannabis comic Tommy Chong isn’t letting cancer slow him down, launching a new YouTube show this fall called “Almost Legal.”

“It’s a stoner’s version of Jon Stewart,” he tells us, saying they’ll discuss “anything that affects the pot smoker’s status in any way, negative or positive.”

Chong, who has undergone chemotherapy for rectal cancer and is facing surgery in six weeks to remove the tumor, says marijuana for cancer treatment is his biggest topic.

“I’m in the middle of an experiment,” he explained, saying he’s taking marijuana, “orally and topically, and I have the blessing of all my straight cancer doctors.”

I very much look forward to seeing Tommy’s show and to see what guests he will have appear. I have seen some stuff on Facebook that indicates some of the people that already filmed for the show. Tommy, if by some miracle you are reading this, thanks for being so entertaining, keep up the fight against cancer, and I can’t wait to see your show!


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