December 3, 2013

Trog: Marijuana Art At Its Finest

December 3, 2013
trog marijuana art artist

trog marijuana art artistI’d like to introduce you to an amazing marijuana artist. His style compares to Ed Roth on acid while drinking with Jim Phillips Sr.. He goes by Trog. When I say marijuana artist, I simply don’t mean some guy that smokes a joint while coloring numbers, but an artist making a name for himself in the cannabis consumer scene. He’s done work for such bands as Sly and the Family Stone (most sampled band in the world), Slightly Stoopid, Kottonmouth Kings, Hed Pe and shows like Kush Cup, Seattle Hempfest, Hempstock, Hash Bash, The Green Gathering and The Nimbin Mardigrass.

TWB: What is wasted canvas artwork?

TROG: Wasted canvas artwork is shit done at the end of benders…. like when your drawing but your not really drawing your just there in the same room as the canvas and its just happening… shit you look back at and go how did that just happen….  the best ones !!!!!

TWB: Where are you from?

TROG: Melbourne / Australia

TWB: How long have you been an artist?

TROG: A long time, long long time….

TWB: What was your biggest break, when you knew you could do this for a living?

TROG: Not sure on biggest break but I’d have to say when I did my first Kush Expo in the OC I knew I found where I belong, the booth across from me was handing out sample grams, it took about 5 seconds to realize yep this is what I’ve been looking for.

TWB: What is your favorite medium i.e oils, sharpies, crayons, your own blood, etc…?

TROG: Ink on paper and paint pens on canvas.

trog marijuana art artist

TWB: Favorite strain?

TROG: ATF fuckn rocks…. And bubble hash is fun, those fuckers in Tacoma just keep handing you pipes of bubble hash – classic !!! Good times.

trog marijuana art artist

TWB: Prefferred method of ingestion i.e vape, bowl, joint, etc…?

TROG: Joints man…joints…But hey they are all cool, bowls are fun, pipes are fun depends whats doing down and who you are with.

Thanks for your time Trog, we would like to wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours, you’re clearly making your mark in the marijuana/cannabis community.

You can check him out at the links below and I leave you with one of his stickers on the Johnny Depp Hollywood Star.

trog marijuana art artist


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