January 6, 2017

Missourians Should Not Support the New Medical Cannabis Law Submitted in Missouri

January 6, 2017
Spring 2017 Missouri Cannabis Conference - Hemp Bill Passes

Anything that Eapen Thampy is behind should make people extremely skeptical and we would encourage you not to support it. Eapen has admitted to stealing the contact list from Show-Me Cannabis to raise money for himself:Eapen Thampy Missouri Marijuana

Additionally, he is constantly trying to divide Missouri activists. We suggest looking at New Approach Missouri and supporting their efforts as they are backed by the majority of Missouri activists.

New Approach Missouris Medical Marijuana Initiative for Nov 2018 has just been approved for circulation by the MO Secretary of State. No medical bill has a chance of passage in the Missouri legislature, including ones like the bill described here, which allows for no patient cultivation.

A bill has been filed in Missouri to allow access medical cannabis through out the state. House Bill 437 was introduced by Republican Jim Neely yesterday. The initiative would add marijuana to a list of experimental drugs, products and devices that can be prescribed to eligible terminally ill patients under the “Right to Try Act.”

“Missourians fighting for their lives don’t have time to wait for the FDA to approve investigational treatments that contain cannabis,” said Neely, a Republican Representative and physician who lost his daughter to stage four cancer in 2015.

Not only would bill grant a new level of access to cannabis products for those who qualify, but it also includes text to remove some restrictions on cannabis growers.

Missouri attempted to put medical marijuana on the ballot in November 2016. However, the initiative, backed by New Approach Missouri, fell short by 23 signatures needed to make its way to the public for voting.



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