April 10, 2017

Nevada Senate Bill 344 would make Regulations for Marijuana Edibles the Strictest in the Nation

April 10, 2017
nevada senate bill 344

Nevada legalized marijuana last November, and the State is working hard to get their recreational/adult-use cannabis industry up and running before 2018 – with sales possible as soon as this summer if all goes well. Because of this, there are of marijuana-related bills are being introduced and working their way through Nevada’s legislature right now, including Nevada Senate Bill 344.

Policy and rules regarding marijuana infused edibles has always been a little slower to fully roll out than for other sectors of the industry.  This has been a trend in all the states that have legalized cannabis so far.  This appears to be the case in Nevada as well.

The Marijuana Times reported:

One of the more recent bills that was introduced to the Senate aims to further restrict processors of edibles, who already have to adhere to strict packaging requirements. Nevada Senate Bill 344 would make it illegal for cannabis edibles to have sugar in them unless they are considered baked goods – effectively banning candy like lollipops and gummies, as well as sodas, chocolate bars and other items that are widely popular in legal cannabis states.

If passed, this bill would make Nevada’s regulations for edibles the strictest in the nation – there are already regulations put into place that require tamper-proof packaging, and that they be marked as marijuana edibles, but this bill takes it a lot farther. By banning all sugary treats other than baked goods it leaves very little option for the makers of edibles, who would likely have had a large variety of sweet treats for customers to choose from. Even those baked goods that are allowed would be required to be in opaque packaging, and cannot have cartoon characters, mascots, action figures, balloons, fruits, toys or anything else that may be enticing to children on them.

You can read the full text and all the details about Nevada Senate Bill 344 here.


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