April 30, 2013

Alabama Safe Access Update: Legislative Commission To Discuss Medical Marijuana Policy In Alabama

April 30, 2013
Alabama Safe Access Project

Alabama Safe Access ProjectUnfortunately, the current session of the Alabama Legislature will be ending soon. However, Alabama Safe Access Project will continue the fight to bring safe access to the patients of Alabama.

To that point, Alabama Safe Access Project is working with Representative Patricia Todd, (D) Birmingham, to form a commission to study the current medical research and current medical marijuana policies throughout the nation. The purpose of this commission is to craft a piece of legislation that will protect the patients of Alabama, which all parties concerned will feel comfortable passing into law.

The commission will consist of members of the Alabama Legislature, law enforcement, the medical community and various state agencies. Today I talked to several key members of the Alabama Legislature about the commission.

Representative Micky Hammon, (R) Chairman of the House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, said that the commission would need to meet several times. Since he could not guarantee that he could be at all meetings, he did not want to be a “Member” of the commission, but he would like to be informed of when the commission will meeting and he would attend and participate when he could. It was the most amiable conversation that I have ever had with Representative Hammon.

Representative K.L. Brown, (R) Jacksonville, said that he would be honored to serve on the commission.

Several other members of the legislature have expressed an interest in serving on the commission, hopefully we will be able to announce who some of the other members are tomorrow.

Change is coming to Alabama….Stay tuned!


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