January 6, 2016

Brooklyn Company’s Reaction To New York Medical Marijuana Law

January 6, 2016
puffco pro new york vaporizer pen vape

puffco pro new york vaporizer pen vapeTomorrow New York’s medical marijuana program starts serving patients with safe, legal access. It’s a bittersweet thing, because while safe access is obviously better than no access, access to limited forms of medicine isn’t good for patients. Patients deserve to have access to all forms of cannabis. New York has one of the most strict medical marijuana programs in the nation, focusing on the use of vaporizers to consume extracts. There’s nothing against vaporizing extracts. I do it every day. However patients should be able to consume whatever form of cannabis that works best for them.

A Brooklyn-based vaporizer company Puffco weighed in on the launch of safe access to medical marijuana in New York tomorrow. They have an interesting perspective because while they are a vaporizer company, they feel that patients should have access to whole-plant marijuana if the patient or doctor sees fit.

“It’s great that patients in New York are finally getting safe and legal access to cannabis-based medicines,” said Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky. “Being based in Brooklyn, Puffco is especially proud to pioneer the design of cutting-edge devices that can bring relief to patients in our home state.

“Medical marijuana policies should be about serving seriously ill people’s needs, and that means letting doctors recommend cannabis in whatever form will work best for each patient,” said Volodarsky. “Puffco’s products facilitate one form of medical cannabis use, but as true believers in the benefits of marijuana we know that the socially responsible thing to do is keep pushing for comprehensive and truly effective policies that serve all patients.”

Puffco is celebrating the start of New York’s medical marijuana program on Thursday with a big sale (25% off when customers use the promo code ”IPUFFNY”) on their sweet vape pen, the Puffco Pro. Check them out at https://www.puffco.com. The Puffco Pro was named 2015 Vaporizer of the Year by High Times magazine, and it is the first vape pen using no plastics, glues or fibers, which results in a cleaner and safer vapor cloud. It also has the largest ceramic chamber in the industry. Components are custom-designed and 3D printed locally in Brooklyn.


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