September 2, 2010

First Medical Marijuana TV Commercials Air In California

September 2, 2010
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The first television commercial promoting medical marijuana began running this week in California. CannaCare, based of of Sacremento, purchased the airtime from Fox affiliate KTXL in Sacramento. It was well done and does a good job of present a message about a very taboo subject.

Check it out:

Despite being very conservative by today’s television commercial standards, some folks are worried about the potential for exposing youth to marijuana use. It never shows pictures of weed and it never uses the word marijuana. I think some people are just scares it will help foster the growing acceptance of legal medical marijuana use.

In an emailed statement to, KTXL’s Acting General Manager Mike Armstrong said “Like so many other products advertised legally in media, it is a drug.” Armstrong added “When viewers watch the [advertisement] on air, they can see it’s simply identifying this as an avenue to take if your doctor thinks it will help you feel better.”

This ad starts running at what is a crossroad for medical marijuana in Callifornia. With voters looking at a measure to legalize recreational use of marijuana in November, as well as a crucial gubernatorial election that could be won by one of medical marijuana’s worst enemies in Meg Whitman, there is much to be decided in the coming months.


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