February 29, 2012

Forty-Three Percent Of Medical Marijuana Customers Want Organic Marijuana

February 29, 2012
dank marijuana flower

dank marijuana flowerWhat Medical Marijuana Patients Really Want From Dispensaries

Below is a press release that was forwarded to me talking about medical marijuana customer preferences. I found it interesting. I don’t necessarily prefer organic meds over others, but I don’t pass on them either :) What do TWB readers prefer, organic, non-organic, veganic? See the press release below:

43% of medical marijuana customers in Colorado, California and Washington State surveyed by the editors of MMJ Business Daily, said they considered the availability of organic marijuana to be “Critical” when they decide which dispensary to shop at. In comparison, only 21% of cannabis patients said discount weed was critical.

This is surprising data, given the fact that the majority of medical marijuana center advertising tends to focus on discount pricing and special offers. Dispensary owners who compete on price alone may be missing out on a large portion of their potential market.

Edibles providers, who manufacture everything from pot brownies to pizza for sale at legal dispensaries, should also consider this new study data for their product lines. Organic edibles may be a significant competitive advantage.

MMJ Business Daily’s new study, entitled ‘What Medical Marijuana Patients Really Want from Dispensaries’ also features exclusive data on dispensary locations, edibles offerings, store-front design, and other key considerations for consumers when they decide which center to buy from. The study is available for instant download at mmjbusinessbooks.com


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