November 8, 2010

Help Bring Medical Marijuana to Arizona

November 8, 2010

The fight to bring medical marijuana to Arizona is still going on. Due to the razor thin margin between approval and rejection of the initiative, a recount is almost certain. Here’s how you can help out:

If you or anyone you know is a “provisional voter” in Arizona — e.g. you cast a ballot but your eligibility to vote was in question — you have until Tuesday of next week, November 9, to get your proof of voting eligibility to your local election office. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO THAT, AND SPREAD THE WORD. If medical marijuana supporters in Arizona whose ballots are provisional mobilize on that over the next five days that could very well win this for Arizona, which in turn would give drug policy reform one statewide victory this year.

Jon Gettel



Do Johnny Green a favor – If you fit this description, do your part! Win it for the citizens of Arizona!!!


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