January 17, 2013

How Rick Simpson Oil Saved A Man From Cancer

January 17, 2013
Marijuana Smoking Not Linked With Liver Disease Progression

mike mcshane rick simpson oil cancer medical marijuanaEmbracing the Cure: Mike McShane

By Joe Bryant

Time and time again would I stumble across some article or mention in a Facebook post regarding Cannabis curing cases of cancer and,I must admit, my curiosity was piqued. I had been previously aware of some of the other medical uses for the Ganja and had always been an avid supporter (imagine that!) but these recent claims had even me suspicious. I then started coming across vague mentions of this guy Rick Simpson and some kind of oil concentrate. On the heels of this new information I listen in to my guys at 420 Radio and catch the tale of one Mr. Michael McShane. He’s telling a story about how he used this Rick Simpson oil to cure his own cancer.

Naturally the subject at hand captured my attention. Not that I questioned whether or not he was telling the truth, I still felt compelled to contact Mike and ask him myself

“Did you really cure your Cancer with Cannabis oil you made in your own basement?”

Not only was he willing to chat on the phone with me, but he also agreed to this interview so that more people have the opportunity to learn just what this plant can offer. Mike has made it a mission of his to inform as many people as possible and share what he knows. Being a long-time connoisseur of our favorite flower, the realization of what it could do for him and others transformed his view of Cannabis. As he put it for an interview on CBS Detroit:

“McShane freely admits that he has smoked marijuana since he was in his teens, “It went from a party to a cure for cancer,” he said”

Let’s see what we can pick up from this gentleman here today!

Q: How old were you when you were first diagnosed with the cancer and what kind of estimation did the Doctor give you regarding your life span at that point?
A: I was first diagnosed with HIV/AIDs in 1987 and the cancer started a couple years later. I was told by the doctors that, I had 6 months to live and would die from AIDs. The thing I feared most (cancer) started to rear it’s ugly head for the next 25 years.

Q: What was your initial reaction upon hearing the rotten news?
A:It wasn’t the worst thing I ever heard, which is a numbing statement.

Q: What kind of Cancer treatments have you endured and what level of success did they provide you?
A:I did everything that you normally hear about. Allot of surgical procedures,radiation and chemotherapy too. The dermatologist was also visited every 2 months or so, a ton of activity with him.

Q:How did you first learn of the Rick Simpson Oil? Were you skeptical of it?
A: I learned of it from Gersh Avery at a local compassion club (MOCC). I wasn’t skeptical, as much as desperate.

Q: How was your experience treating yourself with the oil? How quickly did you begin to see results?
A: In a week or 10 days, I looked in the mirror, and started to shake. I saw for the first time, ever a retreating enemy. That day I went to the Detroit Medical Center, and showed my HIV Docs the cancer. The reason was is I wanted them to see a before and after.I told them I would be handling this one, at home. And did not take the advice given, which was get to dermatology stat “Thats Cancer” .

Q: We all know the current standards for combating Cancer require a hefty investment. How much did the blood-suckers get you for throughout the whole ordeal?
A: I stopped counting at 7 figures

Q: Why do you think that, despite the proven health and healing benefits of the plant, our society is still rather slow to embrace the change when it comes to the treatment of Cancer?
A: Because of a counterfeit sense of values the US medical industry represents.

Q: I know your story has spread like wildfire; I first heard of you during your appearance with our pals over at 420 Radio. What other forms of media have you been able to leverage to further generate awareness of the amazing healing properties of this plant?
A: Everything from local coffee shop discussions to TV , it’s always a good time to talk about this as natures “Original Fountain of Youth”

Q: What kind of reaction did your medical personnel have when you told them your decision to treat the Cancer yourself using Cannabis?
A: Very corporate, made it sound like a good idea at first. They were really regrouping after the original bombshell went off. Things changed so much, I fired them all.

Q: I’m sure your results have turned the belief system of so-called “medical professionals” upside down on more than one occasion. What kind of responses have you gotten from Doctors regarding how you cured yourself?
A: They almost stutter when they tell me that Cannabis can’t cure anything, Like the sound of someone selling their soul.

Q: Do you think any Big Pharma companies are putting hits out on you yet?
A: They are on my friends, I know several that have been arrested.

Q: Would you be so kind as to tell us a bit about the events you have attended and what other methods you use to spread the good word?
A: I use Facebook quite a bit. I have a new page “Curing Breast Cancer” and it’s reaching people around the world. As far as Australia the first week.

Q: Favorite strain?
A: Sour Diesel

Q: Any thoughts or conjecture as to how both the US Government and the private sector will respond to this outbreak of information?
A: It’s far from over, I hope we don’t have another bloody year. I believe the time is right to add to the public knowledge. An informed public is the only way this will change.

Q: Where would you direct inquiring minds that want to know more about Rick Simpson, his story, and the oil itself?
A: His web site www.phoenixtears.ca

After taking the time to learn more about this subject I cannot help but wonder how many lives might have been save and many resources could have been allocated elsewhere if only we chose to grow this medicine and use it for such purposes.

I know that since my first conversation with Mike I have passed his contact information to a few clients and acquaintances that have friends or relatives suffering from Cancer. Part of what Mike,and many others like him, are trying to accomplish is to generate as much awareness as possible regarding the Cancer-eliminating capabilities of Cannabis. How is it you like to phrase, it Mike?

“So Others May Live” – Mike McShane

Joe Bryant

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