October 7, 2012

How Would You Improve Your Local Dispensary Or Collective?

October 7, 2012
washington state marijuana survey

marijuana survey denver postWhat Can Safe Access Points Do To Improve Your Experience As A Medical Marijuana Consumer?

More and more medical cannabis patients are obtaining their meds from dispensaries/collectives every day. For those of us that have frequented these establishments, we know that not all safe access points are created equal. Have you ever thought, ‘if they would just do this or that, it would really make a big difference in my experience.’ If so, you have a great opportunity to speak up and have your opinion considered by current and future dispensary/collective operators! See the information below. I took the survey, and encourage all TWB readers that frequent dispensaries/collectives to do the same:

Medical Marijuana Business Daily is looking for cannabis patients who can take a short, anonymous online survey about what they value in a dispensary.

The results will make up the backbone of the second annual “What Medical Marijuana Patients Really Want From Their Dispensaries”study, to be released this fall. MMJ Business Daily will present an overview of the results and highlight several key findings at the National Marijuana Business Conference in Denver (you can view the agenda and speaker list as well as register for the event here).

The survey attempts to unveil the main reasons medical cannabis patients choose – and stay with – a particular dispensary, what types of marijuana they’re most interested in purchasing, what products (edibles, headshop goods, etc.) they want their MMJ centers to carry, and what would make customers switch to a competitor.

It also seeks to gain information about their buying habits, including how much marijuana they purchase a month and how often they visit a dispensary. Additionally, the study will examine results for individual states to determine whether there are any regional differences in patient preferences.

The results can then be used by startup and existing dispensaries – as well as other MMJ-related companies – to better serve their customers and gain a competitive edge. Last year’s survey, for instance, revealed that many patients see organic marijuana as a crucial offering, heavily influencing their decision on which dispensary to visit.

To make the survey as valuable as possible, MMJ Business Daily is requesting help from the industry to ensure strong participation from patients nationwide. Dispensaries, edibles manufacturers and other MMJ business interested in promoting the survey via their newsletters, email blasts and websites can use this link (https://mmjbusinessdaily.com/2012-patient-survey/).


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