October 16, 2012

Who Should Attend The 2012 National Marijuana Business Conference?

October 16, 2012
missouri cannabis law reform conference 2013

2012 national marijuana business conference denverIf You Are Looking To Rise To The Top Of The Cannabis Industry, Then This Conference Is A Must

I am lucky enough to be going to this event, are you??? Network with nearly 300 medical marijuana business professionals from across America at the National Marijuana Business Conference.  Here’s who should strongly consider attending:

Dispensary Professionals From All Over America

Discover how to increase revenues by tapping into what patients really want and increasing new customers as well as current client loyalty.  Learn how to attract investors, and which partnerships to avoid as you expand.  Get a rundown on the best-practices of dispensary management from hiring to banking and record-keeping.  Plus, check out the newest products on the marketplace from edibles to tech that makes running your dispensary easier.

Infused Product & Concentrate Producers

From edibles to medicinal salves, if you produce cannabis-infused products, you should attend the Conference to network with retailers and potential business partners (or even investors).  Plus you’ll learn how the latest election results may affect your business, get tips on expanding to new localities or states, and find out what the competition is up to.

Lawyers & Industry Consultants

Come to the Conference ready for two days of non-stop networking.  You’ll meet potential clients and partners to help you grow your firm.  Plus, solidify your knowledge of what’s going on both nationally and in other states where your clients may be expanding.

Industry Services & Suppliers

Whether you provide dispensary management software, financial services, or hydroponics, come to Denver in November to meet potential partners, brainstorm new business opportunities for 2013 and discover the latest offerings from your competitors.  We’re expecting cannabis-related executives from states across America, so this is a great opportunity to make connections outside of your regular circle.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

Are you considering investing in a new medical marijuana-related venture — or in expansion plans to new states or localities?  Come to the Conference to learn the realities and best practices of this business.  Plus, mingle with the most experienced and successful cannabis-related entrepreneurs and suppliers in the US.  If you’re launching in a new-to-legality state such as Arizona, this is a ‘must-attend’ event.



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