Got munchies? Sonoran Dogs

Smoking Pot

Back in the day long before having children or any other social responsibility munchies was delivery by Dominoes or a trip to Burger King that was a block away. As my taste and interest matured so have my munchies. I would like to share with you one of the most bad ass stoner foods in the world, its called a Sonoran Dog. This friends is like a hot dog on steroids.

First, what your gonna need; 1 pack of hot dogs,1 pack of buns, ½ an onion,1 pack of bacon, cheese and guacamole dip found in the chip section, sour cream, and the incredible urge to eat the shit out of anything in your path.

Let’s start with the prep work. Wrap each hot dog with a strip of bacon. More than likely you’re going to have some extra bacon this will still be used later on. Next dice up the onion; they don’t have to be minced.

Now you’re ready to get down and dirty, cook the extra strips of bacon first. I use the grease from this for sautéing the onions, the individually cooked bacon serves no purpose other than that of pre-munchies.

The prep work is done now and you’re ready to cook that dog. Throw ‘em on the grill or in a pan, however you feel comfortable but cook it ‘till you see the bacon get crispy. Once this is done your ready to see the light.

Place the dog in a bun and layer on top the guacamole, the cheese, sour cream, and finally the sautéed onions. For a little zing add chopped jalapeños to. Pending on your appetite one pack of hot dogs will feed 2 or 3 grown men. Bon appetite'.

In the meantime here's some shit from the net;

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