December 20, 2015

The Difference Between A Marijuana ‘Edible’ And A Cannabis ‘Consumable’

December 20, 2015
marijuana consumables
marijuana consumables
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Marijuana edibles are very popular. I once seen a statistic that stated 40-50% of all legal marijuana-related product sales in America are of edibles. I wouldn’t be surprised if that number grew in upcoming years. More and more people are either consuming marijuana for the first time now that recreational is legal in some states, or they are coming back after a long layoff. I have been trying to get my grandma to consume some cannabis since she’s retired, recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon, and would really benefit from it. She has told me that she would never smoke it again (she did back in the day, she’s a baby boomer), but that she would be interested in a cookie or candy.

Consuming marijuana in smokeless form is a lot more desirable to newbies and returning consumers. Edibles are popular with smokers and vape pen lovers too. I smoke flower, hit dabs, and carry a vape pen on the regular, but you will rarely if ever see me pass up on a cookie, candy, or some other smokeless form of marijuana consumption. I like all things cannabis related. If there was a cannabis deodorant, I’d be the first in line to try it!

I had a very interesting conversation with a cannabis entrepreneur the other day. He asked that I keep his company, product, and his name secret, which I would have done anyways since I’m not in the business of publicizing hardworking people’s proprietary information. Keep it in the vault! All I will say is it was a drink, and I was impressed by it and I’ll leave it at that. Anyhow, he pointed out that he didn’t like the term ‘edible’ and that it should really be a ‘consumable.’ It’s much more encompassing.

That’s not to say that people shouldn’t use the word edible, because edible still applies. But the word consumable is much more fitting. I myself have been guilty of getting fast and loose with the term edible, using it to describe all kinds of things that are actually more accurately described as a ‘consumable’ (Feel free to shame me). No more I say. Moving forward I will strive to embrace the term consumable, and hope that others do to. I will also use the term edible too, but only when it’s appropriate. An edible is a consumable, but not all consumables are edibles. Kind of like a square is a rectangle but not all rectangles are squares? Thoughts? (I could go for some consumables and edibles right about now…)


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