2018 Cannabis Voting Guide

Find out what cannabis initiatives and political candidates are best to vote for if you support cannabis law reform!
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Tomorrow, we vote!! As I have stated before, we are at a critical moment for the forward motion in cannabis movement, and Tuesday, November 6, 2018 offers all of us the chance to make our voices heard as we vote on ballot measure and political candidates in effort to support cannabis law reform.

I would first encourage everyone to text VOTE to 420420 for legislative information about cannabis law reform specific to your state. Just opt in and reply with your zip code. And, here are some of the best ways you can be prepared as a canna-voter, regardless of where cannabis law reform is in your state:

  1. Make a plan for voting! Several (over 2 dozen!) states have already started early voting, including Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, and Illinois. Make sure you have set aside a time of day, either today or tomorrow, to get to your nearest polling place and get that ballot filled out.
  2. Know what cannabis measures are on the ballot in your state! There are 4 states with cannabis on the state ballot (Missouri, Utah, North Dakota, and Michigan) and several more, including Wisconsin, where various counties have cannabis on the ballot. The Cannabis Voter Project is an AMAZING resource for learning about the various ballot measures that are cannabis centric.
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Missouri is a little tricky as they have not 1 or 2 but 3 medical marijuana ballot measures for voters to choose from. I would encourage you to use New Approach Missouri as a resource as well as this video.

  1. No cannabis legalization measures on the ballot in your state? Know who your cannabis supporting political candidates are! NORML puts together a Smoke the Vote guide...you do need your full 9 digit zip code but once you plug that in this guide is a fantastic resource. Also, Cannabis Voter Project has put together a state-by-state guide that gives the politicians and candidates a score of how they stand on cannabis...just click on your state to see!
  2. Now that you have your information and resources in order, USE THEM! Use those resources to help inform you on how to best support cannabis law reform in your state. Know who and what you are going to vote for BEFORE you go to the polling place, have a plan! Or, if you can vote early, vote at home with a friend or two and take your ballots in together!
  3. Lastly, spread the word, share your resources, and encourage others to vote. It is SO important to get out and vote. People across the country will vote on statewide measures to legalize marijuana in some form. From California to Utah, comprehensive cannabis reform has taken center stage in a key number of states. And the results of next week’s elections could bring about a sea change in how we treat cannabis in America.