Demetrius Harris of Kansas City Chiefs Forced into NFL Drug Program

In a plea deal he will have to complete the NFL drug program, which is apparently a revolving door of weed users.
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Demetrius Harris Forced into a Drug Program Because of Weed

It is disturbing when an NFL player, or anyone for that matter, gets busted for a small amount of weed and thrown into the slammer.

Why? Two words: brain concussion. Or CTE: chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which we already know afflicts up to 99 percent of retired NFL players.

And we already know that medical cannabis can help. Not just for football injuries but other contact sports that often result in concussions that may affect brain function and cause degenerative brain disease.

In addition to being an excellent pain reliever, MMJ has been proven to contain compounds that can protect the brain from injury and environmental dangers. It also reduces swelling.

Back to the original issue: Demetrius Harris, Kansas City Chiefs tight end, who spent two days in jail and was fined $500 after pleading guilty to one count of weed possession. He was arrested last year as a passenger in a car stopped by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Wonder why they were stopped?

Harris, 26, was initially charged with felony possession for the 35 grams of weed that was found in the car.

In a plea deal, he was given a suspended sentence, which included two years of unsupervised probation, 80 hours of community service, and an obligation to complete the NFL drug program, which is apparently a revolving door of weed users.

All of this for possessing, or in Harris’s case, being in a car with slightly more than an ounce of weed.

By the way, nearly a dozen NFL players are facing suspension as of last season for marijuana use.

It seems the NFL continues to view cannabis users as far worse than domestic abusers.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice once said “Domestic violence arrests are bad but positive drug tests are worse.”