June 27, 2018

Democratic State Delegates Are Down with Legalization in Texas and New Hampshire

June 27, 2018
Democratic delegates are advocating for cannabis legalization in several states.

Texas Democrats are embracing legalization and possession, the immediate legalization of medical marijuana, removal of cannabis from the banned substances list and the release of pot prisoners and expungement of pot-related misdemeanors. And, they’re calling for the legalization of hemp for agricultural purposes.

The Dems stepped up to the plate a week after the Texas Republican party held its convention and approved decriminalization, expanding MMJ and rescheduling weed under federal law.

Similar pro-pot political activity also went on in New Hampshire over the weekend of June 23-23, when Democratic delegates voted to add cannabis legalization to its platform, which would also imply removing it from the Controlled Substances Act.

“The passage of the pro-legalization plank in New Hampshire reflects a significant policy evolution—but the path to its approval wasn’t necessarily smooth,” writes Marijuana Moment.

Party officials debated the initial language of the plank, which said the state should “treat cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol.” The plank was changed to satisfy some members did not like the references to alcohol, The Concord Monitor reported, although party delegates adopted the legal marijuana endorsement.

New Hampshire’s Republican party has yet to take up legalization as a platform plank. They should probably get with the program soon, especially as Democratic party delegates across the country line up behind cannabis reform policies such as decriminalization if not outright legalization.

Iowa’s Democratic party went so far as to call for the legalization of all drugs.

Increasing support for legalization among Democratic state parties reflects the increasing trend toward cannabis acceptance. This was revealed in a recent poll noting that nearly two-thirds of U.S. voters back legalizing marijuana.

The survey, undertaken by think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), noted that sixty-eight percent of Americans – of all political persuasions – not only support legalization but also support the idea of sealing the criminal records of nonviolent offenders who serve their sentences. The survey was released on Wednesday June 20.


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